Harry Judd finds pregnant women ''very attractive''.

The McBusted drummer and Izzy Judd are expecting their first child together and the musician is looking forward to seeing his spouse's body change because he thinks expectant ladies are beautiful.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he said: ''I understand that it's hard for women but I find pregnant women very attractive - I think it's amazing. Some women can feel quite self-conscious but I'm one of these guys that finds it really attractive, so bring on the pregnant look!''

Former Escala violinist Izzy is due to give birth in January and Harry admits he has been telling her to eat whatever she likes to ensure she and their baby are healthy and happy.

He added: ''I don't think Izzy is too worried about gaining weight - I'm certainly not. I'm encouraging her to eat when she wants. The most important thing is keeping her safe and having a nice healthy baby and then we'll go from there.''

Although they are very excited to meet their baby, Harry and Izzy - who conceived their child with the aid of fertility treatment - are not going to find out the tot's gender because they want it to be a surprise, but they accept it's going to disrupt their preparations for the child's arrival.

The 29-year-old sticksman said: ''We're not finding out the sex ... We haven't even started work on our new house yet, we're not prepared at all. But by the time we're decorating , the baby will have arrived, so we'll know what to do.''