Harry Judd doesn't think he's sexy.

The McBusted drummer is known for his toned physique and legion of female fans but insists he doesn't see why people consider him to be a sex symbol.

He said: ''I've never thought of myself as a sex symbol. Izzy's not the jealous type, so she's never been bothered by female fans.''

The 29-year-old musician credits his good body to his carefulness with his diet and his regular trips to the gym.

He said: ''I'm strict about what I eat - I try to avoid processed food. I love the gym too.

''Before I started training, I felt sluggish. Now I feel much better.''

Despite Harry feeling much better himself, he admitted he thinks he and his wife are the ''most boring couple ever''.

Speaking of his decision to quit drinking alcohol in 2011 as his partying caused rows between himself and Izzy Johnston, who is now pregnant with their first child, he told Woman magazine: ''Four years ago, I quit drinking. I didn't enjoy how it made me feel. I've also quit smoking, so Izzy and I are the most boring couple ever. She never drank and that's the one thing we'd row about.

''When I quit booze, it made our relationship much better. Now when it gets to 11pm at a party, it's not me saying, 'No, I want to stay.'''