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27th March 2017

Quote: "We've written a script. The studio loves it and the cast have all read it and love it. Ruben (Fleischer) wants to direct it. It's now just about making the deals and all the numbers work - and that's above our pay grade. We're hoping it all comes together - and everyone involved wants it to, so that's always a good sign. You know, all the actors are obviously a lot more expensive than they were..." Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are keeping their fingers crossed for a planned sequel to their hit 2009 horror comedy, which starred new Oscar winner Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin.

14th July 2015

Quote: "It is like being screamed at by thousands of people. I don't know what the experience is throughout history, probably some kind of genocide. I can't think of anything that's equivalent." Actor Jesse Eisenberg on his experience at Comic-Con in San Diego, California at the weekend (11Jul15). The star was there promoting new movie Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

4th April 2015

Quote: "It was really strange. It's the kind of thing where you felt you could really damage yourself. It's terrifying." Actor Jesse Eisenberg was scared to shave his head bald to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming MAN OF STEEL sequel, titled BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE.

10th March 2015

Fact: Woody Allen has cast Twilight star Kristen Stewart as the female lead in his new movie. The project reunites Stewart with her Adventureland co-star Jesse Eisenberg. Bruce Willis is also set to star in the movie, which is slated for a release in 2016.

27th February 2014

Quote: "First of all, I think (Jesse Eisenberg) is a remarkable actor. He's just going to f**king own it. I think it's a great idea and I wish him the best with it." Kevin Spacey approves of Eisenberg's casting as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel, Batman vs Superman.

5th July 2012

Fact: A new play written by actor Jesse Eisenberg is set to get the Off Broadway treatment next year (13). The Revisionist, which follows the fortunes of an aspiring science fiction writer, will be staged at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater - the same venue that hosted his theatrical debut, Asuncion, last year (11). It is not yet known if The Social Network Oscar nominee will star in the play when the curtain rises on 21 February (13).

30th November 2011

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to replace Jesse Eisenberg as beat poet Allen Ginsberg in thriller Kill Your Darlings, according to reports.

11th August 2011

Fact: Actor Jesse Eisenberg's mother used to be a professional birthday party clown.

10th August 2011

Fact: Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg brought treats for the studio audience when he appeared on U.S. TV's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday (09Aug11) - he handed out pizza to each and every member of the crowd to promote his new movie 30 Minutes or Less, in which he plays a kidnapped pizza delivery boy.

14th April 2011

Fact: Juno star Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg have joined the star-studded cast of Woody Allen's new movie. The untitled European film will also feature Penelope Cruz and Alec Baldwin.

14th March 2011

Fact: Oscar-nominee Jesse Eisenberg took time out of his busy schedule last week (ends13Mar11) to give a reading as part of a charity auction in New York. The Social Network actor lent his support to the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers event, which took place at Manhattan's Astor Center.

8th February 2011

Quote: "When I was 13, I had to go to Bar Mitzvahs every weekend and this is like the same feeling - I get to put on a suit every week to go meet with a lot of Jews." The ongoing Hollywood awards season reminds THE SOCIAL NETWORK star Jesse Eisenberg of his youth.

3rd February 2011

Quote: "I've won some awards I, frankly, didn't know existed! Like, the Oklahoma City Film Critics (award), the Bergen County Press... It's a great honour." THE SOCIAL NETWORK star Jesse Eisenberg is amazed by some of the lesser-known awards he has received for his performance in the Oscar-nominated movie.

3rd February 2011

Quote: "When I enter a room with carpeting, I have to touch all different parts of my feet on the carpeting. I've been doing it since I was tiny, so I no longer can account for the success, but I suspect if something went poorly, I would immediately attribute that to not touching all parts of my feet on the carpet." Actor Jesse Eisenberg on his most peculiar 'good luck' habit.

1st February 2011

Quote: "I think I'm an abstinence symbol. If I take my shirt off, people will not have babies." Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg can't believe he's a geek sex symbol.

14th January 2011

Quote: "Hardest is this stuff (industry events) - cameras pointed at you, everybody around you... I'm trying to learn how to handle it. The way it works now (is) somebody puts a suit on me, pushes me out, and I do my stuff. It's difficult for me." Shy THE SOCIAL NETWORK star Jesse Eisenberg is still adjusting to life in the spotlight.

14th December 2010

Quote: "I live without a television and have for the last 10 years. I don't go to movies. I don't receive magazines. I try not to receive mail. I'm not aware at all of popular culture. Or unpopular culture." THE SOCIAL NETWORK star Jesse Eisenberg doesn't pay attention to the media.

7th December 2010

Quote: "I did a movie two years ago, Adventureland; I kept a notebook of the takes that I liked, and I gave them to the script supervisor. The director was upset." Jesse Eisenberg admits he was a little anal on the set of his 2009 film.

20th November 2010

Quote: "I've gotten more cats... I've become a foster parent for cats and the more movies I do, the more guilty I feel and the more cats I feel the need to get to alleviate the guilt for doing the movies... My life is basically feeding and cleaning cats." THE SOCIAL NETWORK star Jesse Eisenberg looks after abandoned pets.

1st October 2010

Fact: Actor Jesse Eisenberg hasn't let his Hollywood career derail his academics - the Zombieland star is studying anthropology at New York City university The New School.

27th September 2010

Quote: "I don't have a Facebook page, I don't want to promote a film and then write more about myself online!" THE SOCIAL NETWORK star Jesse Eisenberg, who portrays co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in the film, admits he isn't a fan of the popular website.

1st October 2009

Quote: "I live in New York City and I ride a bicycle. Without exception, I get recognised once a month as Napoleon Dynamite." ADVENTURELAND star Jesse Eisenberg is constantly mistaken for Jon Heder's awkward teenage character.

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