John Newman ''tests'' his music by driving in the sun.

The 'Come and Get It' singer wanted his new tracks to be the perfect soundtrack for a summer's day so ensured he played them in that setting to make sure he had achieved the vibe he wanted.

He said: ''I set out to make a record that felt good listening to while driving in the sunshine.

''I was testing the songs in my car in LA when I was making the record.

''The best thing for me about driving is the sun.''

It isn't only his own music that John listens to, as he is also a big fan of Nick Jonas.

He said: ''One of the best pop tunes I've heard in a long time is probably Nick Jonas' 'Jealous'.

''I thought there was beauty behind that song and it wasn't given enough credit.''

While he is happy with his songs, the 25-year-old singer worries his dancing isn't up to scratch.

He told heat magazine: ''I think the best thing for me to do would be to practise in front of a mirror, but I don't. I probably should.''