The Natural Born Killers star fronted the rock band, which she formed with four musician friends in 2003, but in 2009 she announced the group had come to the "end of its run", insisting she wanted to grow as a separate artist.

Now Lewis and all the original members are regrouping to create a new album for 2016, which will be released 10 years after their last album, 2006's Four on the Floor.

In addition, Juliette And The Licks will play a special concert at Los Angeles' El Rey Theater in July (15), which will reportedly be followed by a European tour.

Announcing the reunion, Lewis explained that while recording with Cage the Elephant's Brad Shultz, she was in need of a "killer band", and realised she had had one all along.

A statement from Lewis reads: "Why don't I get the best band I ever had back together again - The Licks. At our peak we were known for our insane chemistry and energy onstage.

"The last venue I played as a solo act with my other band was El Ray (sic). I have always loved that venue. I figured let's start with an amazing hometown reunion show w guest musicians. And take it from there."