Juliette Lewis is "sad" she will never be able to attend an Alexander McQueen show.

The 37-year-old actress has revealed while she would have loved to have seen a showcase of the work of the late British designer - who took his own life in February - she is also keen to seek out talented newcomers to The Fashion industry.

She explained: "I had friends who talked about Lee McQueen's shows and I am so sad not be able to witness that any more. I would still love to go to see a Galliano show or go to CHANEL.

"I am always very curious of young newcomers, in the design world, and we know our mainstays like Chanel but I like to seek out the young new talent.

"When I was in Australia I met Sass & Bide and I loved those girls. Their designs are so sensational and I love wearing their clothes because you can go casual but there's a sophistication. They are so rock 'n' roll and they're always upping the ante."

However, the former wild child admitted while she still has "rock 'n' roll" aspects to her personality, she takes much better care of her health now she is in her thirties.

She added to Vogue.co.uk: "I am now unleashing these aspects of myself, the haunted bits as well as the rip roaring rock 'n' roll. It's very much who I am. I am as raw and rough as I am innocent and quiet.

"Now I am in my thirties I am much more drawn to health and taking care of myself and nurturing my friendships, my priorities are different now that my parents are older."