Keane (formed in 1995) is an English alternative rock band. The line-up of the band is Tim Rice-Oxley (bassist and pianist), Tom Chaplin (vocals) and Richard Hughes (drums). The original guitarist, Dominic Scott, left the band in 2001.


The parents of the Rice-Oxley and the Chaplin families became friends, when their children were young, as did their children. Tom Chaplin's family owns the Vinehall School in Robertsbridge, where his father was headmaster for 25 years. Later, they attended Tonbridge School, a private school in Kent, where they both discovered their love of music.

In 1995, Tim formed a band with Dominic, whilst he was studying for a Classics degree at University College, London. With Richard on drums, the band named themselves The Lotus Eaters and started out as a covers band, playing songs by The Beatles and U2.

Chris Martin invited Tim to join Coldplay in 1997, but the pianist declined. Tom joined the band that same year, and took over Tim's role as lead vocalist. The band changed their name to Cherry Keane, after an old friend of the Rice-Oxley and Chaplin family, who had left money for the Chaplin family after her death from cancer.

Keane's first live gig was at the Hope & Anchor pub in Islington, London. For the next two years, the band played a number of pub gigs in and around London.

The band released their debut single, 'Call Me What You Like' on their own record label, Zoomorphic. Only 500 copies were pressed and the CD was sold at Keane's gigs. Their second release was 'Wolf At The Door', which was limited to 50 copies.

In 2001, Keane signed a publishing deal with BMG. In 2002, a gig at the Betsey Trotwood was watched by Simon Williams of Fierce Panda Records, who released the band's first commercial single, 'Everybody's Changing'. Keane were eventually signed by Island Records in 2003. 'This Is the Last Time' was to be their final release on Fierce Panda.


Keane's first single for Island was 'Somewhere Only We Know', which reached number three in the UK charts. The debut album, Hopes and Fears, was released in May 2004 in the UK and became the second biggest album in the UK, losing out to the Scissor Sisters. In 2005, Keane won the Best British Breakthrough Act at the BRIT Awards and Tim Rice-Oxley won an Ivor Novello for his songwriting skills.

Keane performed at the London leg of the 2005 Live 8 concert and they are also patrons of the War Child charity.

Keane's second album, Under the Iron Sea was released in 2005. The first single from the album was 'Is It Any Wonder?' and the band also released a download-only music video for 'Atlantic'. They then released 'Crystal Ball' and 'Nothing In My Way' as singles. 'The Night Sky' was released as a fundraiser for War Child.

In 2006, Tom Chaplin left the band's extensive world tour to attend a rehab clinic for alcohol and drug dependency. A 9-CD box set, Keane Live '06 was released by Concert Live and sold at each Keane concert in the UK during October 2006. Tim Rice-Oxley also spent this time collaborating with Gwen Stefani on her single 'Early Winter'. He also co-wrote two further songs on her album The Sweet Escape.

Keane's third studio album was released in August 2008. The first single from Perfect Symmetry was 'Spiralling'. Tom's voice on the 'Spiralling' has been compared to that of The Killers' front man Brandon Flowers. Perfect Symmetry reached number one in the UK albums chart.

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Hatty Keane - Actors and Celebrities attends the opening night world premiere of "The Pass" at the Odeon Leicester Square. at Odeon Leicester Square - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 16th March 2016


Ed Sheeran Defends Lion Tattoo On His Chest

Ed Sheeran Keane Tom Chaplin

Ed Sheeran has addressed the division in his fanbase over his newly inked lion tattoo, saying that he doesn’t care what anybody thinks and that his is the “only opinion that matters”. Well that’s cleared that up then.

Over the weekend, the 24 year old megastar took to Twitter and Instagram to show off his latest tattoo, that of a giant lion across his chest and between his nipples, with the caption ‘Halfway and ouch’ underneath it. His millions of fans quickly responded to the striking artwork, many of them not loving it at all.

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Special European Performances From Laura Mvula And Keane To Screen At Glastonbury 2015 [Videos]

Glastonbury Festival Laura Mvula Keane

While Glastonbury 2015 will provide us all with endless live entertainment on the various stages, there are some shows that are just worth re-visiting, and thus, immortalising in film. Laura Mvula and Keane are among them, and they'll have their very own European concerts screened at the cinema tent later this month.

Laura Mvula stillLaura Mvula's Amsterdam performance to screen at Glastonbury

It's a busy five days what with all the musical talent and other stuff going on around the site, but one of the top areas to visit this year is the Pilton Palais Cinema Marquee. As well as showing some classic movies like 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', 'The Phantom of the Opera' and 'Bladerunner', through the week there'll be newer stuff on like 'The Theory Of Everything', 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' and 'Whiplash'. But also, with it being a music festival and all, this will be your chance to see some more live music action.

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Keane Live In Berlin - Trailer Trailer

Grammy nominated indie group Keane performed their greatest hits including 'Bend & Break', 'Bedshaped', 'Everybody's Changing', 'Somewhere Only We Know' and 'Crystal Ball' live in Berlin, in a concert film that will be shown at Glastonbury Festival this year, more specifically the Pilton Palais Cinema Marquee on Wednesday, June 24th 2015.

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Hatty Keane, Arina Pritch and Prince Cassius - Arina Pritch debuts the latest designs from her womenswear label Pritch London, at the Wolf & Badger flagship store in Mayfair - London, United Kingdom - Friday 5th September 2014

Keane, Arina Pritch and Prince Cassius

Metallica To Cover 'Wonderwall' At Glastonbury, But What Are The Best Oasis Covers?

Metallica Jay Z Oasis Maroon 5 Jake Bugg Robbie Williams Keane Weezer

In a similar fashion to the announcement of Jay Z in 2008, metal titans Metallica’s headline slot at the iconic Glastonbury Festival has been met with a wave of criticism and derision from commentators who have deemed the Metallica’s headline position as both a lazy, predictable booking and one that is incompatible with Glastonbury’s demographic. However, whereas criticism towards Jay Z in the vein of what was unleashed by the Gallagher brothers was a scathing attack on hip hop as a genre, laced with a degree of barely concealed racism, Metallica’s backlash largely stems from elsewhere.

Oasis Liam GallagherOasis frontman Liam Gallagher performing at the Universal Ampitheatre in 2000. [Photo: Getty Images, Credit: Dan Callister]

Firstly, this is a band that hasn’t produced an album of any merit for well over a decade and what’s more, considering they were announced long after tickets had sold out, how many of Glastonbury’s middle class bohemians will actually want to watch the band? Metallica have themselves responded to the criticism by announcing they may open their set with a cover of “Wonderwall”, copying Jay Z’s act of protest back in 2008. However, it does appear that Jay Z’s version carried a greater amount of symbolism, given that it was the Gallagher brothers who were the most vocal opponents of his appearance. 

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Keane Announce New Single 'Won't Be Broken' Jan 20th 2014

Posted on03 December 2013

Keane Announce New Single 'Won't Be Broken' Jan 20th 2014

Keane - The Best Of Keane Album Review

Keane have marked ten years of success with the inevitable release of their 'Best Of' collection; an 18-track, five-album spanning compilation from one of the most unsuspecting success stories of recent years. Featuring new singles 'Higher Than The Sun' and 'Won't Be Broken', the band look to the past for the majority of the album, but also hint at their future on their 'Best of'; whilst normally a sign of the end, Keane might have a few tricks up their sleeves still to come.

Keane - The Best of Keane Album Review

As someone who has never understood the appeal of Keane, their 'Best of' was never really going to change my opinion of the band and, indeed, this turned out to be the case. Still, Keane are a band with a fan base that genuinely stretches across the world and the album will be making its way on more than a few lists for Santa, so even for someone who isn't a fan, there is stuff on the album to at least appreciate, right?

As clichéd as it sounds, Keane are one of those bands that can't be defined by one genre. It's not really poppy enough to be classed as pop, not rocky enough to be rock, not electronic enough to be acid house and this is probably where most of their appeal lies. That middle of the road, slightly interesting, mid-afternoon background music that can please mum and dad, and maybe even the kids too. Their broad appeal speaks volumes to their enduring success and, with five consecutive UK number one albums and every honour Q Magazine could possibly throw at them (quite literally), this has shown since they burst on the scene in the early 2000s.

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Has Lily Allen Ruined The Adorable John Lewis Christmas Advert? [Video]

Lily Allen Keane

Lily Allen has always been more renowned for her lyrical genius that her singing abilities but her voice was truly put to the test when she was selected to sing the soundtrack to department store John Lewis' Christmas advert.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen Was Picked This Year To Sing The John Lewis Xmas Ad Song.

In the past few years, John Lewis' ad - more a mini movie - has become a sure sign that Christmas is on its way and uses sweet, thought-provoking and emotive storylines to persuade viewers to go and buy as much as they can possibly stuff in their car. The accompanying song is routinely pushed up the UK charts once the ad begins to air.

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What Links Del Toro's Pacific Rim And UK Soft Rockers Keane?

Guillermo Del Toro Keane Idris Elba

So there's the question. What links one of the Hollywood's most famous directors - Guillermo Del Toro - with British band Keane? Well, we're going to tell you. It's the wave.  The Hokusai wave, of course. The new movie is set in a near future where soldiers pilot giant mecha into battle against invading giant monsters who have risen from the sea. Sounds mental doesn't it?

Clearly, there's been plenty of varied inspiration for Pacific Rim though probably none more than the work of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, particularly his famous print The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Created in the 1820s, the striking image of a crashing wave is one of the most famous pieces of Japanese art - you'll know. "I would say 'Give me a Hokusai wave,' " del Toro told Variety of his inspiration. "I think (the vfx team) did a tremendous job; we use the waves and weather in the movie very operatically."

Hokusai's famed image has inspired tons of artists, including the English rock band Keane whose 2006 album Under the Iron Sea took inspiration from the image for the artwork. The album went in at No.1 on the UK chart and No.4 on the Billboard 200. It has since sold 3,000,000 copies worldwide.

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Lorraine Keane & Andrew Rudd - The launch of 'Brennans Bread Summer Recipes' at Brennans Medley studio - Dublin, Ireland - Thursday 6th June 2013

Lorraine and Keane

Better Than The Beatles? Coldplay Top Radio 2 'Favourite Albums' List

Coldplay Beatles Rolling Stones Dido Duran Duran Keane

Chris Martin can rest easy. It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. It turns out that Radio 2’s listeners really do hold his band Coldplay in higher regard that the likes of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. So much so, that they have voted the Coldplay album A Rush of Blood To The Head as their favourite of all time. Coldplay beat the likes of Keane, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd and Dido, who filled out the rest of the top five places.

The poll, according to BBC News, had been held to coincide with the BBC season The Golden Age of the Album and the station’s listeners voted on their favourite albums. The Coldplay album, released in 2002, sold over 2.8 million copies and included the singles The Scientist and Clocks. Jeff Smith, the head of music at Radio 2 said “Musicians such as Coldplay and Dido have struck a chord with listeners and are in good company in the top 10 alongside legendary bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, whose appeal remains undiminished after all these years.”

The Rolling Stones didn’t enter the chart until sixth place, with their 1971 album Sticky Fingers and The Beatles went in at eight, after The Pet Shop Boys, with Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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Keane - Hattie Keane Monday 3rd September 2012 Skylar WellChild Awards held at the InterContinental Hotel, Park Lane - arrivals.


Keane and V Festival Saturday 18th August 2012 V Festival 2012 held at Hylands Park - Performances - Day One

Keane and V Festival

Keane, The Night Sky (For Warchild) Single Review

The Night Sky (For Warchild)
Single Review

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Keane Live In Berlin - Trailer Trailer

Keane Live In Berlin - Trailer Trailer

Grammy nominated indie group Keane performed their greatest hits including 'Bend & Break', 'Bedshaped', 'Everybody's...