Kelly Rutherford has spoken out about the custody ''nightmares'' faced by parents.

The 'Gossip Girl' actress leant her voice to the Children's Justice Campaign as she spoke at a congressional briefing with Sheila Jackson Lee.

In a statement made to PEOPLE magazine following the event, she said: ''Today's hearing was a wonderful bipartisan showing of support for American families in the midst of international parental child abduction nightmares. I look forward to continuing to lend my voice to parents who are struggling with these profoundly unjust situations.

''I was particularly excited to hear several members of Congress say that they are proposing new federal legislation that will hold judges accountable and stop them from forcing American children to leave their own country.''

Kelly is currently locked in a six-year custody battle with DANIEL GIERSCH, the father of her two children - Hermes, eight and Helena, six - as she campaigns for them to return to live in the United States with her.

A court in Monaco ordered on Monday (22.06.15) that the two children - who currently live with their father in the European country - should spend the summer with Kelly in the US, as they have in previous years.

However, Kelly is arguing that Hermes and Helena should live with her permanently.

The former couple are due in court in Los Angeles on July 9.