Mario Lopez's son learned to swim before he could walk.

The 'Extra' host loves to spent time outdoors in Los Angeles with his daughter Gia Francesca, three, and son Dominic, 10 months, who is a natural in the water.

He said: ''We just got our pool finished so when Gia is not in Montessori school or at ballet classes, I get her to go swimming with her little brother, who has learned to swim before walking. We all love summer because we can be outside and get a lot of exercise while having fun.''

Mario, 40, also make sure he has breakfast with his wife, Courtney Mazza, and their children every day, but admits he finds it difficult to leave his family for his job.

He added: ''The hardest part of my new life as a dad is leaving for work in the morning.

''These kids have totally changed my life. They are simply fantastic! No matter what drama I deal with at work, when I get home and hear them scream, 'Daddy!' I forget whatever it was I was stressed about.''