Matt Smith found it "difficult" filming 'House of the Dragon' without Emma D'Arcy.

The 41-year-old actor portrays Prince Daemon Targaryen in the fantasy drama series and though his co-star - who uses they/them pronouns - plays his on-screen wife Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, they have much fewer scenes together in the upcoming second season than they did in the first, and they both missed working together.

Matt told Variety: “It was difficult to do it without them because I love them — a person of real depth and sardonic humour and fierce intellect.”

Emma added: “It was kind of rubbish! The man has incredibly high standards, so you at least have a chance of the work being satisfying. I have petitioned for more time next season.”

But Matt did get to share a number of scenes with award-winning stage star Simon Russell Beale, who will play Ser Simon Strong, the guardian of Harrenhal, and they had "a hoot".

He said: “We used to just have a hoot!

“He’d say, ‘Oh, darling, I’m bored of this acting. Come in here for some light chitchat.’ Amazing brain!”

Matt is unsure if the "sporadic, intense points of connection" that make for on-set relationships are particularly "healthy".

He mused: "You’re all working tirelessly to create something and that is intoxicating. But ultimately, is that a healthy thing? I don’t know. Not according to therapy.”

The former 'Crown' actor admitted he needs to find more "balance" in his life when he's working.

He said: “I’m quite dedicated when I work, and it becomes a solitary experience. I probably need more balance.

"I get tunnel vision — I don’t think I make enough room for a life.”

The British actor is still close to his former 'Doctor Who' co-star Karen Gillan.

He said: “I’m so proud of her. She always had her eyes on the prize — she knew she wanted to move to L.A. and make big films, and she f****** did it.”