For many, 'Doctor Who' is the absolute peak of sci-fi brilliance. The series certainly leads the way on the small screen, and will continue to break down barriers when it next makes a return, bringing the first female-bodied version of the titular role to the small screen, with actress Jodie Whittaker taking over from Peter Capaldi.

Matt Smith as The Doctor in 'Doctor Who'Matt Smith as The Doctor in 'Doctor Who'

It's a move that a small but vocal minority weren't happy about, but one that the majority of viewers and fans have been waiting to see for some time. 'Doctor Who' is a show all about tearing away the usual stigmas and tradition surrounding television of this type, bringing a new life to a series that could very easily steer into stale territory.

Thankfully, in the modern day, 'Doctor Who' seems to be a major success. One of the most successful modern adaptations of the character came from Matt Smith, who played the Doctor before current Doctor actor Peter Capaldi, between 2010 and 2014. Though he left the role for what we thought would be forever, he's admitted he's open to the idea of making a comeback if the right opportunity arises.

Speaking with MTV about the prospect of returning in the future, the actor said: "Why not? I’d come back. Yeah, you know, if the timing was right. I think we’ve got to give a few years to Miss Whittaker to sort of get the TARDIS under her belt, as it were, and then yeah, one day. Look, I’ll be back one day when I’m old and grey... which isn’t far off."

Exactly how Smith would make a return remains to be seen, but we're sure writers would be able to cook up some ideas that would make sense! They are after all currently overseeing the return of the First Doctor, played this time around by David Bradley due to the passing of original actor William Hartnell back in 1975. He'll star in the Christmas special episode, alongside Capaldi who's on the way out, and the debuting Jodie Whittaker. It's going to be a very exciting festive episode indeed. Maybe there will be one similar in the future for Smith...

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'Doctor Who' returns for a special episode on Christmas Day (December 25) ahead of a brand new series at some point in 2018.