Australian actress Melissa George hopes to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend Russell Simmons once she is back working in America because they struggled to sustain a long-distance romance.
The Amityville Horror star began dating the music mogul last year (11) after the break-up of her marriage to Chilean film director Claudio Dabed, but they recently split due to their international work schedules.
George is currently filming a new TV show in the U.K. and wants to move back to New York once she is finished, and she hopes to reconnect with Simmons upon her return.
She tells Australia's Herald Sun, "We have a big love. It's something that's not going to be easy to let go of, but I'm on a job and he's busy. I was going back and forth (between London and New York) and we had a great holiday in St Barts (in January). But, at some point, a man needs a woman around.
"It's something we need to figure out, but we're very, very close and good friends. I have two more months of work here and then I'll be back in New York, so we'll see..."
She adds of Simmons, "He's so vibrant; he's the air everyone should breathe. He's an extraordinary man. He's a yogi and vegan and healthier than 20 men put together. And he makes me laugh until I'm rolling on the floor."
George was rumoured to have been spotted kissing a member of The Artist's production team at a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards afterparty last month (Feb12), but the actress remains coy when asked about her new man.
She says, "It was pretty nice and pretty full on. We'll see about that one."