Mila Kunis has "never been more proud to be from Ukraine".

The 39-year-old actress has always been proud of her Ukrainian heritage, and she's been vocal in her support for the country amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The Hollywood star - who has Wyatt, eight, and Dimitri, six, with Ashton Kutcher - said: "My parents and I speak Russian to each other, so [my kids have] grown up with that. They've naturally found pride in being half Ukrainian.

"The truth is I'm very American. I was raised in Los Angeles.

"That said, I've never been more proud to be from Ukraine. I'm so honoured my kids can carry on that heritage. When you're little, all you want to do is assimilate.

"As horrible as so many things are in the world today, the 'You're different, and that's a cool thing' sense of identity is new. I'm grateful for that."

Mila has been personally thanked for her vocal support by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine. But the actress has actually known him for almost a decade.

Asked about their first-ever meeting, Mila told PEOPLE: "About eight years ago a remake of [the Ukrainian series 'Servant of the People'] was being shopped around Los Angeles.

"I had a deal with ABC, and I was trying desperately to bring the show to the network. We ultimately got outbid, but in the process, I talked to this actor named Zelenskyy. Years later I was reading the news and saw Ukraine had a new president. I thought to myself, 'A Jewish president? Mazel tov! That name sounds so familiar.' I searched my emails and was like, 'I know him!' Our own little meet-cute."