Mila Kunis is the "queen of annoying" Ashton Kutcher.

The 39-year-old actress has been married Ashton since 2015, and she relishes annoying her husband whenever they're in their shared office.

Mila - who has Wyatt, eight, and Dimitri, six, with Ashton - said: "I am the queen of annoying him all day long. I am an internet meme!

"If he's on a Zoom, I just walk over and write my question down, like, 'Pay attention to me.' And that's the beautiful thing about sharing an office."

The Hollywood star also has a strong bond with her children. But Mila joked that her daughter is "not ready for this world".

She told PEOPLE: "There's also a part of you that wants to protect your kid from the things they don't even know are possible. And my daughter's very sensitive.

"When we read 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' together, she was like, 'That boy is starving! Why won't they feed him?' I thought, 'Kid, you are not ready for this world.'"

Mila finds hope in her kids, and she observed that they're both much more "aware" than she ever was as a child.

The actress is also confident that young people will "make a huge difference" to the world.

Asked what's given her the most hope, she explained: "Honest answer, insanely cheesy: my children.

"They have this natural ability to provide empathy without having to be taught. They have the desire to help without having to be asked.

"Kids today think more globally than I was raised to. It makes them aware the world around them is so much bigger, and they get a better sense of what they can provide.

"This generation of big thinkers is going to make a huge difference."