Mila Kunis is set to star in 'The 47 Night Stand'.

The 40-year-old actress will also produce Skydance's new movie, which is being written by 'Friends' and 'How I Met Your Mother' writer Greg Malins.

As reported by Deadline, the film is still in its early stages with a synopsis and logline being kept closely under wraps for now.

However, the outlet noted that it's been described as a "fresh and funny take on romance in the tradition of classic favorites".

Kunis will serve as producer through her Orchard Farm Productions, along with Ruben Fleisher and Skydance trio David Eillson, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger.

It won't be former 'That 70s Show' star's first foray into a big screen romantic comedy, having previously appeared in the likes of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and 'Friends With Benefits'.

Her next movie role will be in indie comedy 'Goodrich', alongside Andie MacDowell and 'Beetlejuice' actor Michael Keaton, as she plays art dealer Andy Goodrich's daughter Grace.

The movie will tell "the story of art dealer Andy MacDowell (Keaton), a man whose life is upended when his younger second wife leaves him and enters a 90-day rehab program while also threatening divorce".

The synopsis continues: "Goodrich takes charge of their nine-year-old twins, thrusting him into the world of modern parenthood for which he is deeply unprepared.

"With his career falling by the wayside, he leans on his grown and pregnant daughter Grace for support, and ultimately evolves into the father Grace never had."

'Home Again' filmmaker Hallie Meyers-Shyer - whose parents are Nancy Myers and Charles Shyer - is serving as director and writer.

Last year, Kunis reprised her role as Jackie Burkhart for a guest role in 'That 90s Show' - a spin-off based on the series which turned her into a star - while recent film credits include 2022's 'Luckiest Girl Alive' and 2021's 'Breaking News in Yuba County'.