Ray Winstone thinks British people are too soft.

The 'Gunman' star is known for playing hard men in movies but he believes Britain has become more like America, with people rushing to call the police if they encounter a problem.

He said: ''It's my way of living. It's where I come from. And where our age group comes from. You have a responsibility and a morality to look after your own and to deal with it yourself.

''We never used to call the police. If there's a silly argument today, someone calls the police.''

The 58-year-old actor also insists it was different in the past, where the person would ''deal'' with the problem straight away, and blames political correctness.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Years ago it was dealt with. Not necessarily in a fight. But in a row someone said their piece and they went in and looked you in the eye and you said what you had to say.

''I just think those days have gone. Everything's become very PC [politically correct]. Everything's become almost like America - 'You touch me, I sue you.'

''Years ago if someone was out of line they got a clump and that was it. Forgotten about.''