Ray Winstone couldn't do a nine-to-five job.

The 59-year-old actor - widely regarded as one of Hollywood's most humble stars - has revealed he could never imagine himself doing another job, but he admires those people who work in roles they don't enjoy.

Asked what else he could do besides act, Ray said: ''I've tried to think about it, but I don't know what else I could do. Maybe when I was younger I would've gone off on a different route and done something else, but I could never see myself doing a nine-to-five. To me, they're the bravest people in the world.

''They get up in the morning on a train at five o'clock in the morning, go to work and feed their kids - in a job that not all the time they enjoy doing. I'm lucky enough to enjoy the job I do.''

Although Ray has filmed in some of the most impressive-looking locations over the last 12 months, the London-born star admitted he often wishes he could spend more time at home.

Ray told ITV's 'This Morning': ''Last year, I was out of the country about eight months. You know, I went from going all round Italy - which is fantastic - to Venezuela, Tahiti and my mates go, 'That's fantastic.' And at the end of it you just go, 'I want to go home.'''