Ray Winstone has a retirement plan in place.

The 58-year-old actor has revealed that unlike some of his Hollywood co-stars, he does not intend to work in the movie business forever and admitted he's looking forward to ''sitting on a beach or lying on a sun lounger somewhere hot''.

Ray shared: ''I think about it all the time and then something great comes along you want to do.

''I'm not in a position to retire at the moment. Because we all have to pay our tax, which we have to do. That's fine. We all have bills to pay. And I still enjoy doing what I do.

''But I'd probably much rather be sitting on a beach or lying on a sun lounger somewhere hot.''

The London-born actor admitted his dream scenario would see him pick and choose which projects he takes on, because he's not under any financial pressure to accept work.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Wouldn't it be a perfect scenario where you haven't got to work and then something comes along and you say, 'Do you know what? I'd love to do that. I will do that?'.''