Richard Madden is staying in Emilia Clarke's £20,000 a month Los Angeles home.

The 33-year-old actor is quarantining in LA amid the Covid-19 pandemic and is currently living in his 'Game of Thrones' co-star's two-bedroom pad in the city, with his pal, 'Teen Wolf' actor Froy Gutierrez, 22.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''Richard flew back to LA a few weeks before the lockdown started after filming the new Marvel film, 'The Eternals', in London.

''Since then he's been living in Emilia's old house because it is really nice and is the perfect place to isolate.

''He really hit it off with Froy and he's pleased to have company while stuck inside. As he is already spending a fortune on the property, he wanted someone to enjoy it with.

''He didn't see himself living there long-term but now he's had to settle in because it doesn't look like he will be able to move any time soon.''

It is unclear if Richard is renting the home from Emilia or if she has provided it to him free of charge.

The actress bought the stunning home for £3.8million in 2016 but has been renting it out for the past two years after moving back to London.

Richard and Emilia, who played Robb Stark and Daenerys Targaryen respectively in 'Game of Thrones', have remained close since working together.

They enjoyed a public reunion at the Time 100 Gala last year but Richard revealed they catch up privately whenever possible.

He said: ''I see Emilia all the time so it's not too big a deal to reunite.''