Originally titled Homeschooled, the film and its many quotable catchphrases is immortalised daily in the social halls of Tumblr and Twitter with lines from the film plastered over images from practically any film or TV show with human relationships in it; the best including The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones.

Tina Fey Jeff Richmond
Tina Fey & Husband Jeff Richmond Are Teaming Up To Adapt 'Mean Girls' For Broadway.

Tumblr, home of the meme, reports that in the last month alone, users have created more than 10,000 posts and 477,000 notes related to the film. And most of the users sharing in the jokes would have been too young to be culturally conscious to appreciate the film the first time round. The film took $121 million on opening in 2004 but could not have anticipated its revival on the internet.

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Responding to the practically constant calls for an official Mean Girls sequel (not gonna happen, according to Fey), a sequel based on the movie is confirmed to be in production, with Fey's husband, Jeff Richmond, writing the score. Additonally, two projects based on Wiseman's subsequent books, about mothers and teenage boys, are in development. Sean Anders and John Morris ('We're the Millers") have apparently written a Mean Moms movie, which is due out next year and they're also working on the concept for a boy-centric film.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay May Be Having A Tough Time, But Her 'Mean Girls' Role Means She'll Always Have Fans.

Of all the movie's core cast members, Lacey Chabert has been the quietest since her career defining role. McAdams, Lohan, Caplan and Amanda Seyfried have gone their separate ways yet have found considerable success in other Hollywood projects, so much so that they're unlikely to feature in any extension of the original film. Just like Cady notices a new generation of Plastics springing up at the end of the movie, a new wave of stars will help plant their mark on the story when Fey casts her Broadway show and we'll laugh, cry, quote, and try to "make fetch happen" all over again.

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