Tina Fey hosted an online talent show for the children of her former 'Saturday Night Live' co-stars.

The 49-year-old comic came up with the ''brainchild'' for the offspring of stars including Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Emily Spivey, and Paula Pell and got the older kids to plan the event, which Maya Rudolph explained turned out to be ''pretty delightful'', while the younger ones performed.

She said: ''We got our older kids to get together and plan it. And as you can imagine, it was pretty great.''

Maya has Pearl, 14, Lucille, 10, Jack, eight, and Minnie, six, with partner Paul Thomas Anderson but only her two youngest kids participated in the show.

She told talk show host Seth Meyers: ''They claimed that they had jokes, which is always a little scary 'cause that's improvised.

''They just ended up doing a lot of bickering in costumes for a while. I think my son was dressed as a hamburger and he was bickering with my daughter, who was holding a sword.''

The former 'Saturday Night Live' castmates have also been staging celebrations via video chat.

Maya said: ''We did a Zoom birthday party for our good friend Paula Pell recently and the wigs, the wigs came out.

At some point, I had a Merida wig on from 'Brave', but it's so long and red that I looked nude and somehow we decided she was like Carole Baskin for dogs. She had a dog sanctuary. She was pretty hateable.''

The 47-year-old star praised the current 'SNL' team for their ''lovely'' recent episodes, which have been filmed at cast members' homes.

She said: ''I loved the very first episode for that. I felt like it really held on to that spirit. It reminded me so much of that spirit of when we worked at that show.

''It's all so beautiful. Everybody pitching in and doing it.

''Seeing Tom Hanks host that first week, getting to meet people's cats. It's beautiful. It's the spirit of the show that I genuinely love the most.''