In possibly the most vile piece of news we’ve heard in a very long time, The Mary Tyler Moore Show actress Valerie Harper is being sued for $2million for getting cancer. Yep, you heard us right. Following a cancer diagnosis, Matthew Lombardo, the producer of Harper’s Broadway show, Looped, has filed a $2million lawsuit against the actress for daring to get cancer during his play. The audacity of it, he should sue for twice that!

Valerie Harper lawsuitValerie Harper has been suffering with cancer since 2009

After having difficulty remembering lines and suffering with slurred speech during rehearsals, Harper was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Lombardo has filed the suit against 74 year old Harper, claiming that she intentionally did not notify producers of her diagnosis, prompting them to find a replacement at the last minute, which allegedly cost $500,000. He added the further $1.5 million due to her negligence informing producers that the lung cancer she had been suffering with since 2009 had spread. We’d like to know where Lombardo plucked his figures from.

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Fortunately, Harper has seen some improvement in her health. After initially being told she had just months to live, the actress now speaks to Closer Weekly a year after the initial diagnosis. She revealed, “‘[The oncologist] looked at the scans and said, “Oh my God, Valerie, this is very encouraging!’ I’m now a poster child for not believing everything I’m told.” Harper further added, “What all parties want to be made clear now is that while the Lepto has not spread, I am still not cured. I am a cancer patient, and I continue to fight with the hope that a cure may be just around the corner.”

Even if it was an inconvenience for Lombardo to find a last minute replacement for Harper, it defies belief that someone could be so utterly insensitive and self-serving. She had dropped out of the play for extremely valid health reasons, she didn’t exactly do a Lindsay Lohan and just not bother to show up for work. From the sound of things Lombardo lacks any form of empathy and a complete inability to put himself in the shoes of a 74 year old woman who had already been bravely fighting cancer for four years.

Valerie Harper lawsuitHarper, pictured here in 1989, is best known for her role as Rhoda in The Mary Tyler Moore Show

A cancer diagnosis for anyone is an extremely traumatising event, being told you have just months to live even more so. We doubt that completing her play was her top priority while there are loved ones and more important things to focus on when you think your days are numbered.  Now if she doesn't have enough on her plate she has to deal with this ridiculous lawsuit.  Shame on you, Matthew Lombardo!

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