There’s no denying that Batman was the stand out character in the all around fantastic The Lego Movie earlier this year and it seems executives at Warner Bros. agree. It’s just been announced that the popular character will be getting his own spin-off movie which has even been fast tracked ahead of The Lego Movie sequel for a 2017 release.

The Lego MovieBatman stole the show in The Lego Movie

Writing will be Seth Grahame-Smith who penned the screenplay for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows adaptation starring Johnny Depp. Of course supervising the whole production will be Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who were originally responsible for bringing the Lego brand to life on-screen.

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Batman will once again be voiced by 'Arrested Development's' Will Arnett who has already signed on for the spin-off. Earlier this year The Lego Movie was a surprise mega-hit taking a staggering $468 million at the global box office and winning universal acclaim with the critics.

There's no word yet on what the plot for Batman's spin-off will be, or which if any of the other memorable Lego Movie characters could be making an appearance.

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But before we get the Batman spin the next Lego movie to be released is Ninjago, due out on September 23rd 2016. The Lego Movie 2 was supposed to follow in 2017 but that slot will now be taken by the Batman spin off with the sequel expected soon after.

The Lego MovieWho didn't love The Lego Movie?

There really are some exciting times ahead for Batman fans, as a year before the lego version hits they’ll have a new live-action movie to contend with as Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is scheduled for release on March 25, 2016.