Review of In Time Single by Zero 7

Zero 7

Zero 7 - In Time- Single Review

Zero 7

In Time

Do you like chilling? This new style of music we’re hearing at the moment can give one a feeling of calm and optimism. This kind of music incorporates live instruments played in a classic and new way to create soft, engrossing and beautifully arranged music leaving one feeling smoothed and peaceful. Those who have travelled or are spiritually aware may have cottoned on to this number already.

Zero 7 - In Time - Single Review

Zero 7 are a truly reputable band who play contemporary music, influenced by jazz-funk, folk, soul and modern defining music such as Massive Attack, to create cutting edge tunes that have had recognition of prestigious awards like the Mercury Music Prize. ‘In Time’ is another great release from their current album ‘When It Falls’ and features Sophie Barker on vocals. It has a unique blend of instrumental music that is played tight and could fit into the genre of folk or blues, but because of the slight dance influence there, it creates something new, fresh and engrossing. The live band feel works well, the arrangement is good and the use of synthesisers makes for a space like feel. This is complimented wonderfully by Sophie Barker, singing with sweet serenity and soul. The lyrics are emotive and good for reflection.

‘In Time’ is a classic track for those sensitive souls and original thinkers. Very laid back.

Tareck Ghoneim