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Zero 7 Futures Single

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A new Zero 7 single?? To be followed by an album?? Truly the sign in the music world that winter is over, spring is upon us and summer beckons. Great sigh of relief.
On 'Futures' we see Hardaker and Binns team up with melancholy, acoustic songstress, sorry, songwriter, Jose Gonzalez. Despite my scepticism, this is a very well matched collaboration, as Jose sounds asif he were made to work with these guys. With their easily recognisable Zero 7 sound, Sweet honey glazed textured, soaring synth tones and the soft caress of guitars, and Gonzalez's soothing vocals, it really couldn't possibly be anyone else.

If you like Zero 7, then you'll like this, but if you're expecting new and glorious pastures to be explored, then you may be a li'l disappointed.

Thom Holmes

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