British girl band All Saints are refusing to back down after reigniting their feud with younger rivals Girls Aloud. The row began when Girls Aloud's CHERYL COLE said the new All Saints single ROCK STEADY sounded just like her band. All Saint Shaznay Lewis says, "We say what we want. As long as we stand true and say what we really believe, it's fine. I stand by it and I mean it. "If you say things about people for any other reason you have to be careful because you will bump into them. So you'd better mean what you say. "We are four feisty women with a lot of attitude. We're confident because we're older now. "People forget they're not talking Girls Aloud or Sugababes - we're 30-odd-year-old women so we aren't dizzy anymore. "It's not cockiness, it's maturity. The industry is so false and we know that but when you're younger you think it's the be all and end all." However, Girls Aloud star SARAH HARDING has rubbished reports of the feud, insisting it's all been exaggerated. She said, "It's all b**locks. It was taken out of proportion, twisted and they retaliated. "I actually had a drink with Natalie Appleton and Liam Gallagher the other week as we have a mutual friend - everything is fine, honestly."