Frankie Bridge is worried self-isolation will have an impact on her mental health.

The former Saturdays singer has spoken openly about her struggles with depression and anxiety and she's aware that social distancing measures taken to slow the spread of coronavirus - including only leaving the house for essential journeys and not mixing with other households - could be damaging.

Asked if she's worried the situation will trigger her anxiety, she said: ''Of course. This situation is hard on anyone's mental health.

''But with my anxiety, it's not warranted so normally I struggle with it for no particular reason.

''I've told myself that if my anxiety does get bad, I have to be easy on myself.''

The 31-year-old star - who has sons Parker, six, and Carter, four, with husband Wayne Bridge - is trying to keep her anxiety at bay by staying in contact with her loved ones as much as possible.

She told OK!: ''With my anxiety, I'm not good at staying at home all day every day.

''I'm aware this will be difficult for me.

''But I've had to find ways to contact my friends.

''I've been FaceTiming them rather than texting.

''To actually see someone's face makes you feel more connected and to hear them laugh is really nice...

''I've been in contact but I haven't seen my own family. ''My sister Tor is pregnant so we're being very cautious with her.

''It's tough but we do have FaceTime so I'm focusing on that for now.

''My dad is a black cab driver and I keep nagging him about wearing gloves but he won't listen. Typical dad!''

Frankie is also worried spending so much time at home with her husband could cause friction in their marriage.

She said: ''We're at home together anyway because of the nature of our jobs. I'm sure it will be difficult for us, like all couples.

''It will get on top of us as well as the kids when they start to argue.

''It will be like the ultimate test for couples - or a baby boom.''