Frankie Bridge's children ''don't have a clue'' their parents are famous.

The former Saturdays singer is pleased that Parker, six, and Carter, four, don't care about life in the public eye and they barely show any interest if she or their former footballer dad Wayne Bridge are the TV.

She said: ''I've asked them, 'What do Mummy and Daddy do?' and they just say, 'Work'. They don't really have a clue and I think that's quite nice.

''They know we're on telly sometimes, but they don't sit and watch us. I'll say, 'Daddy's on TV today', and they'll say, 'Oh, OK', and then it's back to their iPads.''

And the 31-year-old beauty has no desire for her kids to follow in either her or Wayne's footsteps.

She said: ''My two don't really do after-school activities and are not in a football team, they aren't really that interested.

''My youngest really likes music and the eldest is going to be learning the drums.

''I'd like the boys to be into sport purely to keep them fit and active and I'd love them to have an interest in music, whether it's listening to it or playing an instrument.

''But I'm not particularly fussed if they're good or not.''

Frankie admitted she and Wayne are ''lazy'' and don't like getting dressed up for ''posh'' date nights.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: Frankie says: ''Before lockdown, we would just go to the cinema or for dinner.

''We're quite lazy, we don't really go into London or do anything that posh. We can't be bothered getting dressed up.''

And she took things to the ''next level'' in the early days of lockdown and rarely wore anything other than pyjamas.

She said: ''I'm pretty useless anyway, when I'm not working I don't tend to wear make-up and I'm an athleisure wearer whether I'm working out or not. I then took it to the next level in lockdown.

''I had my pyjamas I put on when I had just got up and my pyjamas I put on after I had a shower. In my household, if you're not leaving the house you don't get out of your pyjamas anyway.

''The boys were pretty much in them all the time. It's nice to wear normal clothes now and put a bit of make-up on, but then it's nice to get home and take it all off.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty has co-written 'The Munchy Trunks', the world's first ''eat along book'', with baby food brand Ella's Kitchen, encouraging little ones to explore a variety of tasty finger foods through fun, sensory play at mealtimes.

For more details on 'The Munchy Trunks' book, or to buy it for £2.50, visit All proceeds from the physical book will be donated to Flavour School, a charity delivering sensory education for nurseries in the UK.