Javier Bardem praised Daniel Craig for achieving the "impossible" on 'No Time To Die'.

The 52-year-old star – who featured alongside Daniel in the 007 movie 'Skyfall' – was impressed with how the actor bought a human touch to the legendary spy in the recent blockbuster.

In a conversation with Daniel for Variety's Actors on Actors feature, Javier said: "In 'No Time To Die', you made the impossible. When I watched it, I saw every aspect of the human being – framed in the profile of James Bond. The comedy, the drama, the pain, the suffering, the joy, the love – I don't know how you did that.

"Because the character is who he is. He has to represent himself constantly in front of everyone to make sure that they know who they're dealing with. But within that, there's this human being."

Daniel, 53, also explained the approach to his final Bond movie and said that he wanted his love for Dr. Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) to be at the centre of the story.

He said: "I knew the only way to make it work was that it had to be based in love. In 'Skyfall', it's the story of his love for Judi (Dench), which is complicated and toxic. And every time we've concentrated on love, it's paid dividends."

Daniel continued: "Madeleine was undiscovered in the previous film. And she was enigmatic, and I felt like that relationship was there for the discovery. They were flawed human beings, and of course they were madly in love with each other."

The 'Knives Out' actor explained that he was determined to enjoy his final outing in Bond's tuxedo.

Daniel said: "I just said, 'I've got to enjoy this', you know? I've sometimes not enjoyed it. I've sometimes been too hardworking. I've been too serious about the whole thing and too involved with too many things.

"I tried to make myself involved with the things that mattered. And that was me getting on set and being in the right frame of mind for each scene."