Former MARRIED... WITH CHILDREN star Katey Sagal has revealed she is one of the thousands of women Kiss star Gene Simmons claims to have bedded.
The TV star admits she was a struggling young actress, working in a diner, when she fell for the rocker.
Sagal recalls, "I was 18 years old, I was a waitress at this restaurant and Kiss came in after one of their concerts - it was when they just started, so I went over and I waited on them... and Gene Simmons thought I was kinda cute, so we ended up kinda going out."
And she quickly realised that dating Simmons was a huge career boost for a budding star, who had dreams of becoming a singer: "I took him to my band practice... and he took me to Casablanca Records and he got me a record deal. Pretty good date, right? He sort of got me my first big professional break."