Rosie Perez, the American actress best known for her role in 'Do the Right Thing', is suing the production companies behind crime-drama 'Law and Order: Svu', after she suffered 'severe injuries' while shooting a scene on the show. Rosie Perez, who became wheelchair bound after the incident, claims the show's negligence left her requiring several surgeries, reports the New York Post.
According to papers filed in the Brooklyn Supreme Court, the actress was shooting a scene on the show in 2009 that required her to tussle with another actress. An actor playing a 'passer-by' had to grab Perez and 'haul her' off the other woman. During that encounter, several of the discs in Perez's became herniated, according to her lawyer Brian O'Dwyer. Perez claims that the show failed to employ specially trained stunt men and woman, accusing Northern Entertainment Productions and Ddf Films of "recklessly and carelessly failing to provide skilled performers". O'Dwyer did not specify the amount of compensation that Perez is requesting, but noted that the figure would be "very substantial", adding, "The thing to do was taking someone who knows what he's doing to make it look violent without being violent. This person was not a stuntman, he was just an extra".
Despite her injuries, Rosie Perez recently completed filming the comedy-crime movie 'Small Apartments', with Johnny Knoxville, James Caan and Matt Lucas. The film is an adaptation of the novel by Chris Millis and focuses on a man who is surrounded by strange events and odd neighbours.