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18th July 2013

Quote: "I am so grateful for the two years I spent with George (Clooney), I had amazing life experiences from our time together. I just think that sometimes you know that it's time to move on." Former wrestler Stacy Keibler knew her relationship with George Clooney had run its course. The couple's split was made public earlier this month (Jul13).

19th June 2013

Fact: George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler will be attempting to break a new world record with dental heath firm Colgate on 25 June (13) when she attempts to co-ordinate the biggest mouthwash rinse. Keibler, who is a paid spokeswoman for Colgate, will be gathering the most people together to rinse at the same time.

13th June 2013

Quote: "They will be the perfect family. I cannot wait to meet their new addition. Channing and Jenna are the most incredible parents. They have the most amazing energy, and they have such a beautiful relationship with each other... (I sent them) a bunch of gifts." George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler can't wait to meet pals Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum's new baby.

23rd October 2012

Quote: "That is not on my radar at all. I'm definitely the girl who doesn't talk about that kind of stuff. I'm not really interested in thinking about marriage or kids at all. I live in the moment. I'm more of a guy that way." Former wrestler Stacy Keibler tells she is happy being George Clooney's girlfriend.

16th October 2012

Fact: Stacy Keibler celebrated her 33rd birthday with a night out in New York on Friday (12Oct12) without her famous boyfriend George Clooney, who was reportedly away working.

11th October 2012

Quote: "It's all nonsense. I don't even know where they come up with that." Stacy Keibler dismisses rumours suggesting she has split from her Hollywood boyfriend George Clooney.

6th July 2012

Tweet: "Finally had a bad meal in Italy, our whole dinner party got food poisoning #ohwell at least I'm still in Italy." George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler reveals the couple have been ill after some bad food during their stay at the hunk's home in Lake Como, Italy.

26th April 2012

Fact: George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler was the youngest cheerleader in the National Football League when she was a dancer for the Baltimore Ravens in 1998. She says, "I ended up being the baby of the Nfl."

23rd January 2012

Quote: "I'm just so fortunate to be in this room with all these talented people, it's a little overwhelming sometimes." George Clooney's girlfriend, former wrestler Stacy Keibler, is enjoying attending the movie industry's big awards shows and mingling with the Hollywood elite.

3rd December 2011

Quote: "He's healing faster than they even expected. It's just been a thing over the years, being athletic. He's super-human." Stacy Keibler on boyfriend George Clooney's recent elbow surgery.

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