Stan Lee is being sued by his former assistant.

The 'Spiderman' creator has been accused of causing emotional distress through insults, threats and a wrongful firing to Shawn Lukaszewicz.

He also alleged that he was initially hired to create and manage a booth at the ComiKaze convention, with court documents filed insisting Shawn was ''enthusiastic and excited about his opportunity to work with the legendary Stan Lee along with his wife and daughter [and] landed his dream job in the entertainment industry.''

The 92-year-old Marvel Comics legend reportedly blasted Shawn for his work, saying he did a ''s**t job'' and the booth was ''f***ing embarrassing'', the Courthouse News Service reported.

Shawn says he was offered $40 an hour for 40-hours work a week, but claims he was forced to work on Stan's websites and run errands, all whilst not being paid for overtime.

Court documents say Shawn was ''constantly reminded how lucky he was to work for the most powerful people in the industry and he, therefore, should 'suck it up' and be thankful for the abuse''.

Shawn is seeking damages for emotional distress, and has named Stan, his wife Joan, his daughter Joan Celia Lee and two of their companies in the suit.