Stan Lee thinks he should be offered a cameo in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

The former president and chairman of Marvel Comics has joked that rivals DC Comics should ask him to make an appearance in their upcoming sequel in a bid to make it more successful.

He said: ''DC could probably make a lot more money with 'Superman' and 'Batman' if they announced that I'd have a cameo in it!

''People wouldn't believe it - they'd have to go to the theatre and see it!''

The 91-year-old writer and actor also revealed that he's very proud of the way in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded, and is looking forward to the upcoming release of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

According to Digital Spy, he said: ''All it can do is make it better for Marvel if we do these movies and the movies are successful.

''There are people reading Marvel comic books that would have never thought to read a comic book before.''

He added: ''It helps the comic book business. The movie business has been unbelievably incredible. The Marvel movies are the biggest money-making movies of all.''

Lee - who confirmed he'd be making a cameo appearance in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' - also claimed that Marvel Comics films had boosted relatively unknown actors' careers.

He explained: ''People that had not been big stars before, like the fellow who plays Thor [Chris Hemsworth], he's wonderful ... and Chris [Evans] who plays Captain America ... He's excellent.''