Stone Temple Pilots rocker Scott Weiland was left red-faced during a concert in Iowa last week (25Mar10) when he tumbled off the stage and into the crowd.
The singer was midway through a song when he lost his footing and fell into the front row in Sioux City.
In video footage of the incident, fans are shown surging forward to help the star, before he leaped to his feet and sauntered back onstage, while his baffled bandmates looked on.
Weiland, a recovering heroin addict, recently revealed he had quit drugs for the sake of his family.
He said, "Heroin made me feel all right in my own skin. Before I did it I was uncomfortable going into crowds, which is interesting given my profession. But when I did dope, the fear went away. That's why I hung on to it so long. But my kids fill up that hole now."