Well, Katt Williams life is just getting more bizarre by the day. The comedian - who has found himself on the wrong side of the law numerous times over the past couple of months - was detained by cops at a Subway restaurant in West Hollywood on Thursday evening (December 20, 2012). Police suspected the comic was involved in some sort of disturbance, though believe us, this just gets weirder.

Williams told TMZ.com that the drama began while he was waiting for Suge Knight to get a MANICURE at a nearby nail station. Katt was handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car though was eventually released from custody and allowed to leave the scene. He says cops initially took some weed he was carrying, and a gun, but eventually gave both items back because he had a medical marijuana card for the drugs and a permit for the weapon. The comedian - who slapped a Target employee last month - says the incident was racially motivated and wants to sue the cops. 

After Katt had been released from custody, one Subway employee brought sandwiches for both him and Suge. The employee said he never saw the comedian involved in any sort of physical altercation. It has only been 13 days since the comedian was busted outside of Sacramento on December 7 on a felony warrant related to a police chase through the city.