Pauly D will never fall in love on 'Jersey Shore'.

Although the DJ had a brief romance with housemate JWoww he was put off dating girls on the MTV show after witnessing his friend Ronnie struggle to cope with volatile Sam.

He explained to BANG Showbiz: "Look at Ronnie and Sam, never fall in love in 'Jersey Shore', that's what Ronnie said to us, he should have taken his own advice. That was the best advice he ever gave me. He and Sam are on and off all the time, no one knows what's going on with them.

"I love everybody in the house, we're all like really good friends now and they're almost like sisters at this point so I love living with them. We joke around and have fun but as far as anything more than that I don't think so, we'll just keep it on the friend level. At the moment I'm happy to just be single and I'm enjoying having a good time."

Pauly D's fellow housemate and budding actor Vinny has hooked up with both the departed Angelina and castmate Snooki but he has no plans for a long-term romance with any of the 'Jersey Shore' girls.

He said: "When you live in a shore house things like [Snooki coming on to him] happens, you love these people but at the same time things do start to get weird, you've got a lot of drunken nights and Snooki's not actually my family so she does sometimes end up in my bed just because you want that companionship. But it's nothing serious."

The new series of 'Jersey Shore' airs every Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.