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13th September 2016

Fact: Rockers Queen thrilled Israeli fans in Tel Aviv on Monday night (12Sep16) by performing their first concert in the country.

17th July 2015

Fact: Singer Adam Lambert serenaded James Corden on Thursday (16Jul15) as the British U.S. late night host celebrated the 50th episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. The former American Idol champion performed a version of Queen's WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. Lambert is currently fronting the British rock band.

30th June 2015

Tweet: "OYE VEY Kanye. That Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury though.... Ouch." Current Queen frontman Adam Lambert was not impressed by Kanye West's cover of the band's 1976 rock anthem Bohemian Rhapsody during his headlining set at Britain's Glastonbury festival on Saturday night (27Jun15). The Stronger hitmaker led an audience sing-along of the first few chords of the song, screaming the late Freddie Mercury's verses and struggling to hit the singer's high notes.

21st May 2015

Quote: "These things get put on the table. It would be interesting to do Glastonbury if we were an operational unit at the time. You see, this year Adam's off doing his solo work at the moment so it wouldn't have worked. You only look at things that are possible, logistically, at the time.'' Queen star Brian May reveals the rockers considered headlining the Glastonbury festival in England this summer (15) with singer Adam Lambert.

28th December 2014

Fact: Queen are to live stream their New Year's Eve (31Dec14) gig in London to fans around the world. The band's Westminster Central Hall concert sold out weeks ago, but the show will be beamed around the globe via BBC Music. The gig, which will feature Adam Lambert on vocals, will launch 45 minutes before midnight in the U.K. and rock on until well into 2015.

18th December 2014

Quote: "We didn't look for this guy, suddenly he's there, and he can sing all of those lines. They're difficult songs to sing, Queen songs. There's too much range. So many people can't sing them in the original key - even if they are good singers. Adam comes along, and he can do it easy. He can do it in his sleep. He can sing higher than even Freddie could in a live situation." Queen star Brian May has high praise for the band's new guest singer, Adam Lambert.

1st June 2014

Fact: Queen musical We Will Rock You took its final bow in London on Saturday night (31May14). Creators Brian May, Ben Elton and Roger Taylor announced in March (14) that the show would close after 12 years at the Dominion Theatre.

31st December 2013

Tweet: "Humbled by response to my 'health scare' getting on the news. Nothing new to report tonight but I am in good spirit. Big Thanks Bri." Queen star Brian May ‏has yet to find out the results of a hospital scan on Monday (30Dec13) as part of an ongoing health scare.

12th December 2013

Quote: "For 20-odd years, I had the best seat in the house, watching the best frontman in the world. Do we miss him? Of course. Every day." Queen drummer Roger Taylor still misses the band's charismatic singer Freddie Mercury, who died from an AIDS-related illness in 1991.

26th September 2013

Quote: "I used to hear from David quite a lot, but not for years. I listened to his new album a few times because I loved the single but... I did think it was just slightly disappointing." Queen drummer Roger Taylor was unimpressed with David Bowie's 2013 comeback album The Next Day.

5th September 2013

Tweet: "Happy Birthday Freddie ! We will be celebrating at 1 Mayfair tonight. And making a ton of money to fight Aids." Brian May remembers his late Queen bandmate Freddie Mercury, who was born on September 5, 1946.

6th August 2013

Tweet: "Well, I'm tweeting from a hospital bed, but I'm still on it rather than in it! About 1pm I go down for the chop. I may be quiet after that." Queen star Brian May is refusing to quit Twitter as he waits to go in for his knee replacement operation.

28th May 2013

Fact: Animal lover Slash has joined Queen star Brian May's campaign to save badgers in Britain from a planned cull. The two guitar greats are joining forces to come up with a new anthem for the activists protesting the government's plans to keep a cattle disease from spreading.

6th May 2013

Tweet: "Yep, Clapton Is a kind of god. Still. Sometimes you think you've heard everything he has to give - and then... you haven't!" Queen star Brian May heaps praise on another guitar great.

24th April 2013

Fact: Queen star Brian May is refusing to give up on his campaign to stop badger culls in his native Britain - he has produced a song to promote the cause. The animal activist has also roped in his actor pal Brian Blessed to provide a voiceover on the track.

23rd April 2013

Quote: "We hadn’t seen the footage for years, but when we looked at it we couldn’t believe how good it was. We were on fire." Queen drummer Roger Taylor was impressed by the quality of footage from the band's 1982 Milton Keynes Bowl gig in Britain, which will be re-issued on Dvd next month (May13).

2nd March 2013

Fact: Queen legend Brian May turned heads on Friday (01Mar13) as he performed a free gig at a London train station to highlight a tiger conservation initiative. The rocker played his greatest hits with the help of West End singer Kerry Ellis at St Pancras International station.

15th November 2012

Tweet: "A lot of you ask about John Deacon. Well truly we hear very little from Deacy. It's a bit sad, but we respect his wish to be private." Queen star Brian May admits he has little contact with his former bandmate.

6th November 2012

Tweet: "Vote with your hearts - not your pockets ... good luck America!!!" Queen star Brian May wishes his U.S. fans luck on election day.

9th October 2012

Tweet: "Thanks for the great welcome to Twitter, guys - I can still hardly believe it. I had some good conversations with Conservatives today - but... will we save the badgers? Hard to say." Queen rocker BRIAN MAY shares details about his trip to the Conservative Party Conference in England, where he attempted to persuade top politicians to fight a proposed badger cull.

27th August 2012

Fact: Queen drummer Roger Taylor owns the overcoat actor Christopher Lambert wore in The Highlander - the Frenchman gave it to the rocker as a gift after they appeared together in Queen's Princes of the Universe video.

26th August 2012

Fact: Queen founders Brian May and Roger Taylor have upgraded the band's iconic videos for a new two-Dvd set. The Greatest Video Hits by Queen features all 33 of the band's promos digitally remastered in Surround Sound on one package for the first time. The release also features commentary from May and Taylor.

2nd December 2011

Fact: The upcoming Queen biopic, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury, has a working title - Mercury.

27th October 2011

Fact: British rockers Queen are said to be working on a "new" album of unreleased songs they recorded with Freddie Mercury in their 1980s heyday.

26th October 2011

Quote: "We Will Rock You II is very, very funny and it's a bit ruder than We Will Rock You. It's just a question of how we proceed." Guitar legend Brian May reveals plans are underway for a sequel to the stage spectacular based on Queen's hits.

19th October 2011

Fact: Rockers Queen will receive the Global Icon award at the upcoming MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs). The British band will also perform at the ceremony in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 6 November (11).

12th September 2011

Quote: "If someone comes to you and says, 'We want to use We Will Rock You as part of an advert for jelly beans, and we're changing the words to 'We will, we will chomp you', you have a decision to make. On the one hand you think, 'This is crass - this will demean my art' - or you can say 'It's a bit of fun, it will make us some money and it will keep the music alive'." Queen rocker Brian May doesn't mind his songs airing on commercials.

19th October 2010

Quote: "Oh my god, I couldn't think of anyone better to play Freddie. I just think it's such superb casting. The thing is, you genuinely can't be too reverent about your heroes, and I don't think for one second he will be." Andy Serkis is delighted funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen will play Freddie Mercury in a biopic of the tragic Queen frontman.

24th May 2010

Quote: "I like to live in the country and my wife likes to live in the town. The compromise is we live in town." Queen star Brian May on life with partner ANITA DOBSON.

25th November 2009

Fact: Puppet heroes The Muppets have recorded a new version of Queen's rock anthem Bohemian Rhapsody. The accompanying video has been posted on YouTube.com.

4th November 2009

Quote: "I'd play with Robert any time and when we have played together he's wonderful. Robert is a rock god and an inspiration to us all, always will be. There's some people that remain your heroes which I rather feel good about. And (Eric) Clapton and (Jimmy) Page, Jeff Beck, those guys will always be heroes to me and that will never change, so yeah, of course I'd go at the drop of a hat." Queen guitarist Brian May lists Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant among his ideal collaborators.

21st October 2009

Fact: The original members of Queen have been turned into LEGO versions of themselves for the upcoming music video game LEGO Rock Band. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, JOHN DEACON and ROGER TAYLOR join Iggy Pop and David Bowie, whose LEGO likenesses have already been revealed.

9th October 2009

Fact: Singer/songwriter Ben Harper and actor Jack Black teamed up to perform Queen and David Bowie's hit UNDER PRESSURE on America's The Jay Leno Show on Thursday night (08Oct09).

14th September 2009

Fact: Katy Perry joined namesake rocker Joe Perry for a rendition of Queen's WE WILL ROCK YOU anthem at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night (13Sep09). The pair of Perrys made way for British funnyman Russell Brand, who was hosting the prizegiving for a second successive year.

16th May 2009

Quote: "I'd like to meet the Queen. I always liked her. I think she's really decent. I'd like to shake her hand." Bette Midler longs for a royal engagement.

5th November 2008

Quote: "FREDDIE (MERCURY) was a huge PAUL RODGERS fan, (he) absolutely adored his voice. He was a different animal, but he would have loved to be able to sing like that." Brian May insists late rocker Mercury would have approved of Queen's replacement for him.

29th October 2008

Fact: Pop star Katy Perry took inspiration from Freddie Mercury at her fancy dress 24th birthday party on Monday (27Oct08), sporting the late Queen frontman's iconic yellow military jacket and handlebar moustache.

13th August 2008

Fact: Queen have dedicated their new studio album, THE COSMO ROCKS, to their former frontman Freddie Mercury. It is their first LP in 13 years.

4th August 2008

Fact: Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has published his thesis on astrophysics. The work, titled A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud, won him a doctorate from Imperial College London earlier this year (08).

28th June 2008

Quote: "DAKOTA (FANNING) and Queen (LATIFAH) had to go the bee school and learn how to deal with bees and ALICIA (KEYS) had to learn to play the cello. I had to touch a bug. I had a fit. I almost lost my mind." Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson on the lengths she and her castmates had to go to for new film THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES.

21st April 2008

Fact: Rock supergroup Queen's first album of new material in 13 years will reportedly be titled THE COSMOS ROCKS. Guitarist Brian May recently completed a doctorate in astrophysics.

15th February 2008

Fact: A line of jewellery inspired by late Queen singer Freddie Mercury and designed by UDI BEHR is to hit stores. The Made In Heaven:The Freddie Mercury Collection will feature gold and silver pendants and rings.

27th September 2007

Fact: Queen guitarist Brian May will appear on stage of the London West End musical WE WILL ROCK YOU this Saturday (29Sep07) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the title song.

1st August 2007

Fact: A prison warden in the Philippines has come up with a novel way to keep inmates fit - he starts the day off with synchronised dance routines to the tunes of RADIO GA GA by Queen and Michael Jackson's THRILLER.

3rd May 2007

Fact: The existing members of Queen are celebrating after learning their Greatest Hits album has hit the one million sales mark in Australia. The feat means one in 20 Australians own a copy of the album.

10th November 2006

Fact: Razorlight frontman JOHNNY BORRELL is teaming up with Queen star ROGER TAYLOR to honour George Martin at the UK Music Hall of Fame next week (14NOV06). The Beatles producer will receive an honorary membership at the London event.

20th October 2006

Quote: "No, in a word. I don't even get 'string theory'. Get it, in the true sense of the word? No." Queen guitarist Brian May professes his ignorance of astronomy, despite just writing BANG! THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.

13th August 2006

Fact: A documentary about the late Freddie Mercury is to be aired on British network ITV on what would have been the star's 60th birthday. FREDDIE MERCURY: A KIND OF MAGIC will include commentary from the Queen singer's mother JER BULSARA and celebrity fan Robbie Williams when it airs on 5 September (06).

2nd June 2006

Quote: "It was such a unique, daft piece." Queen drummer Roger Taylor on the rock group's classic anthem Bohemian Rhapsody.

8th April 2006

Fact: The wannabe pop stars competing in the current season of American Idol will all perform hits by rock supergroup Queen on the show next week (11APR06).

8th March 2006

Fact: Queen guitarist Brian May appears on GUNS N' ROSES' hotly-anticipated new album CHINESE DEMOCRACY - although he recorded his part five years ago (01).

13th January 2006

Quote: <p>"When I was younger, I fancied Freddie Mercury. I was so barking up the wrong tree." Jazz singer Katie Melua was unaware of the Queen rocker's homosexuality as she was growing up. </p>

21st November 2005

Fact: <p>The piano used by The Darkness on new song ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN is the same instrument played by Freddie Mercury on Queen's hit 1975 song Bohemian Rhapsody. </p>

14th November 2005

Quote: <p>"Watching Baker work is incredible. When I think about it, I get shivers and get weepy." The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins was overjoyed to be working with legendary rock producer ROY THOMAS BAKER, the man behind Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody. </p>

25th October 2005

Fact: <p>The white piano rockers Queen use onstage for their reunion shows is the same one late singer Freddie Mercury used to play live. </p>


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