Actress Amanda Peet was confident she'd marry her screenwriter fiance David Benioff before she met him - even though she was dating somebody else at the time.

The screen beauty, who accepted Benioff's marriage proposal earlier this year (05), admits she was immediately excited about being introduced to the TROY screenwriter by her pal PETER BLAKE.

She says, "I had a feeling before I met him. My manager called me a year before David and I met, when I was very involved with someone else, and said, 'I met your future husband last night.' I said, 'Is he single?' 'No, he has a girlfriend.'

"A year later, Peter called me and said, 'Do you want to go on a date with this guy David Benioff?'"

And Peet admits that she can't quite pinpoint what drew her to Benioff, adding, "Maybe it's because he's a nice Jewish boy from New York."