Karen Williams, Patty King, Rita Washington and Barbara Winfree launched legal action against LaVerne Toney following the musician's death in May (15), questioning her ability to serve as estate executor and claiming there could be an updated version of the will King had filed in 2007.

Their arguments were heard in Clark County District Court in Nevada on Thursday (25Jun15), but Judge Gloria Sturman ruled against King's daughters and insisted the eight-year-old documents were valid, confirming Toney is solely in charge of administering the late star's trust, assets and property.

Toney has been locked in a legal battle with several of King's children for months, after daughters Williams and King initially accused her of elder abuse.

Authorities found no evidence to back up the allegations, and after the guitar great died in his sleep following a series of small strokes, they even went so far as to claim their father was poisoned.

Toney denied all the accusations and won the backing of the musician's doctor of 10 years, Dr. Darin Brimhall, and estate lawyer Brent Bryson, who blasted the poison allegations as "defamatory and libellous", and "extremely disrespectful to B.B. King".

After Thursday's ruling, Bryson revealed King had placed Toney in charge of his estate because he anticipated a family feud following his death.

The lawyer previously suggested Williams and King were challenging Toney's position because the two women were only left up to $5,000 (£3,125) each in the late musician's will.

Police are still awaiting toxicology results to determine if there are grounds to launch an investigation into the poison claims.