B.B. King was not poisoned, a post-mortem examination has determined.

The blues legend passed away aged 89 on May 14, and two of his daughters, Karen Williams and Patty King, subsequently alleged he was killed by his business manager LaVerne Toney and personal assistant Muron Johnson.

However, Clark County Coroner John Frudenberg has now said an autopsy determined the cause of death to be Alzheimer;s disease, plus physical conditions including coronary disease, heart failure, and the effects of type 2 diabetes.

Following the two women's allegations, the 'My Lucille' singer's lawyer, Brent Bryson, slammed the claims as ''ridiculous''.

He added: ''I hope they have a factual basis that they can demonstrate for their defamatory and libelous allegations..

''Unfortunately even musical icons die.

''Ms. Toney did everything she could to carry out the wishes of Mr. King while he was alive, and continues to carry out Mr. King's wishes after his death.

The veteran singer was laid to rest in Indianola, Mississippi, on May 30, and a few days before his funeral, the 'Rock Me Baby' hitmaker - who died at his Las Vegas home - was honoured during a street procession in Memphis, Tennessee.