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Richie Popped Painkiller For Menstrual Cramps

LATEST: NICOLE RICHIE has revealed she took prescription painkiller Vicodin before her recent arrest because she was suffering from a bout of bad menstrual cramps. The 25-year-old confessed to taking Vicodin and smoking marijuana to...

Richie Now Better Known As Nicole's Father

R+B star LIONEL RICHIE is stunned that all his career accomplishments pale in comparison to being known as NICOLE RICHIE'S father. The Grammy-award winning musician claims all of his career accolades now mean nothing...

Richie: 'I Was Once Branded Voluptuous'

THE SIMPLE LIFE star NICOLE RICHIE is bemused by the constant criticism she now gets for her svelte figure because she was referred to as "voluptuous" just two years ago. Richie, daughter of soul...

Aimee Osbourne Slams Richie's Drug-fuelled Lies

Rock offspring AIMEE OSBOURNE has blasted former flatmate NICOLE RICHIE for branding her a boyfriend-stealer, owing her rent money and criticising her family. OZZY OSBOURNE's 21-year-old daughter shared an apartment with singer LIONEL RICHIE's...

Paris Hilton Reveals Fake Romance

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON has broken a former boyfriend's heart by announcing she only ever dated him for publicity. During the first season of Hilton and best pal NICOLE RICHIE's reality show THE SIMPLE...

Paris Hilton And Ingrid Casares An Item?

Girl-about-town PARIS HILTON has added some sizzle to her love life - in the shape of MADONNA's one-time galpal INGRID CASARES. According to gossip news source PAGE SIX, the HILTON HOTELS heiress and party...

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