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19th March 2015

Quote: "Historically we've never done festivals. We did try and contact Michael Eavis but he didn't reply." Take That star Howard Donald reveals he'd love to perform at Glastonbury.

21st December 2014

Quote: "He's been sending us emails saying, 'You shouldn't have been wearing those shoes lads' or, 'You did too much dancing on that performance'. We sent him flowers, we sent him chocolates, we sent him girls - he still didn't want to come back!" Take That star Howard Donald reveals the pop group is still on good terms with newly-departed member Jason Orange.

18th November 2014

Quote: "This is obviously the first time we've done a video without Jason so... it's strange, but it has been a quick video so you've not had much time to dwell and think about it. But he would have really enjoyed this because there's quite a lot of movement and the energy is good... He would have enjoyed this video." Take That star Mark Owen admits making the promo for new single These Days was tough without newly-departed member Jason Orange.

7th November 2014

Quote: "We're getting Colin the video, and we're all going to be dressed up in the tailored suits he wears in the film." Take That star Gary Barlow hopes to recruit British actor Colin Firth for a cameo role in the band's next music promo. The track, Get Ready For It, was penned for Firth's upcoming spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service, which will be released in February (15).

27th November 2013

Fact: British pop star Gary Barlow will play a one-off gig at London's Royal Albert Hall in 2014 in support of music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins. The Take That singer will take to the stage at the U.K. capital's historic concert hall on 22 April (14).

29th October 2013

Fact: British pop star Robbie Williams has been named Live Artist Of The Year by U.K. radio station Heart. The former Take That singer, who was praised for his European summer tour, will celebrate the award with an intimate gig at a London venue.

4th October 2013

Fact: Take That star Gary Barlow's new solo album will feature a new song with pal Sir Elton John, titled Face to Face.

7th March 2013

Fact: Singer Gary Barlow was a surprise winner at Britain's Loaded Lafta comedy awards on Thursday (07Mar13), landing two top prizes. The X Factor and Take That star picked up the Funniest Double Act and Joke Of The Year prizes for an exchange with a contestant on the U.K. version of the show last year (12). Actor Danny Dyer was also honoured at the ceremony in London - he was named Funniest Tweeter.

13th February 2013

Tweet: "Happy birthday Robbie Williams... wishing you a great 39th year." British pop star Gary Barlow sends his best wishes to his former Take That bandmate, who celebrates his birthday on Wednesday (13Feb13).

27th January 2013

Tweet: "Lets (sic) all sing happy birthday to our very own Marky Owen !!!! alltogethernow". Gary Barlow sends his best wishes to his Take That bandmate Mark Owen as the singer turns 41 on Sunday (27Jan13).

7th November 2012

Quote: "I love you Gary. You're a great friend. We drifted apart in recent years because you're so busy and successful and I'm still playing in pubs. You're a truly great guy. If you were gay, I'd marry you." Sir Elton John jokes about his close friendship with Take That star Gary Barlow.

14th September 2012

Quote: "It's funny, we're all really close but it's a relationship based almost entirely on email. I suppose if there wasn't email I wouldn't have a relationship with anybody. I don't have a phone, I don't ring anybody, I hate using it." Robbie Williams relies on the internet to keep in touch with his Take That bandmates.

7th August 2012

Tweet: "My thoughts are with Gary, Dawn and family right now." Singer Robbie Williams passes his condolences to his Take That bandmate Gary Barlow, whose wife Dawn delivered a stillborn child over the weekend (04-05Aug12).

25th May 2012

Quote: "We'll have to wait and see, I can't give anything away." Gary Barlow remains coy about rumours Take That will be part of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

23rd May 2012

Quote: "I think we are all most interested in Robbie's baby. I would love surveillance on Robbie's house 24/7 just watching him, especially, deal with a baby. I am really interested to see how that is going to work. Let's face it, he is a big kid." Gary Barlow can't wait to see how his Take That bandmate Robbie Williams adapts to fatherhood. The singer's wife Ayda is due to give birth later this year (12).

19th April 2012

Tweet: "I have more news ..... There's gonna be another girl in the Barlow household!" Take That star Gary Barlow reveals his wife Dawn is pregnant with a baby girl.

11th April 2012

Fact: British singer Mark Owen is joining his Take That bandmate Robbie Williams' Soccer Aid 2012 charity showdown in England on 27 May (12). Michael Sheen, Jason Isaacs, Mike Myers, Gerard Butler and Will Ferrell will also compete in the star-studded soccer match.

17th March 2012

Quote: "They all relit my fire, all five of them! But no, it's not true. Jason's cute, they all are." Scottish singer Lulu dismisses longstanding rumours she had a steamy affair with Take That star Jason Orange after she teamed up with the British band for their 1993 track Relight My Fire.

27th January 2012

Tweet: "Happy 40th Birthday Marky Owen!" Gary Barlow sends his best wishes to his Take That bandmate Mark Owen, who turns 40 on Friday (27Jan12).

12th January 2012

Quote: "It's our 12th wedding anniversary tomorrow so I'll be tweeting again on Friday. Does anyone know what material we're awarded? Tin? Paper mache (sic)?" Take That star Gary Barlow will celebrate 12 years of marriage to wife Dawn on Thursday (12Jan12).

18th November 2011

Quote: "If I had the chance to join one band it would be Coldplay, without a doubt. I'd move Chris aside, get him on the guitar and that would be me." Take That star Gary Barlow would love to be part of Chris Martin's group.

25th October 2011

Quote: "I'm not afraid to admit it, they made me ask the question, 'Am I gay?'" Coldplay rocker Chris Martin reveals a man-crush on British pop band Take That.

19th October 2011

Quote: "I'm doing a vegetarian diet for a month at the moment and I'm allowed a glass of red wine every now and again but I'm not a big drinker anyway." Take That star Gary Barlow has given up meat for a month.

10th October 2011

Fact: Take That singer Gary Barlow is the new king of Twitter - he attracted almost 300,000 followers within 11 hours of launching his account on the social networking site on Sunday (09Oct11).

30th September 2011

Quote: "The reason I did The X Factor is because my kids love it and it's so seldom your kids engage with what you're doing work-wise. My son sits playing Nintendo all the way through my concerts. They're not mad about what I do - but being a judge on The X Factor, they couldn't believe it. They were absolutely made up." Take That star Gary Barlow on his decision to sign up as a judge on the British version of The X Factor.

28th September 2011

Quote: "I'd like to be in Gary's position for one night, but not four months. I was sat thinking 'wow, this is great'. But that's all it is, a great day. I would find it difficult, who wants to break a 16 year old's heart?" Robbie Williams has no plans to emulate his Take That bandmate Gary Barlow and sit on a reality TV show panel. The Angels hitmaker joined The X Factor judge Barlow recently to help decide who would make it through to the live shows of the British version of the programme.

31st July 2011

Quote: "Someone asked about (a) holiday after the tour. No plans whatsoever. L.A. will be all the holiday we need. Ayda still hasn't got her honeymoon yet though." British pop star Robbie Williams plans to take his wife Ayda Field on a long overdue trip after wrapping up his tour with Take That. The couple married in August last year (10).

17th June 2011

Quote: "We used to have the record for the number of girls fainting. Now we have the record for the most middle-aged boozed-up women. I, Robbie Williams, am proud of you." The Angels singer jokes about Take That's fun-loving fans at a concert in Wales on Wednesday (15Jun11).

13th June 2011

Tweet: "At the Take That concert to support my fellow judge Gary... I'M lovin it!! They definitely are the U.K.'s most amazing boy band!!! (Well, men)." Kelly Rowland lent her support to her fellow judge on Britain's The X Factor, Gary Barlow, as he performed with his group Take That in Manchester, England on Sunday night (12Jun11).

31st May 2011

Quote: "As he came off the stage, Jason said, 'We've spent all this money and me kecks (my trousers) have split!' He had the wrong trousers on! We can get a giant man to stand up and walk through the crowd, but we can't get the basics right - like getting a pair of trousers to fit." Take That star Jason Orange suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when the group kicked off its European summer tour in Sunderland, England on Friday (27May11), according to his bandmate Mark Owen.

30th May 2011

Quote: "Our fans did a petition for us to do Quantum of Solace, the one Jack White did with Alicia Keys. I know the guy who does the Bond music, David Arnold, and he said to me, 'Will you tell your fans to f**k off?' He had 1,000 petition notes in his (email) inbox and was really annoyed." Take That star Gary Barlow is hopeful of penning or performing the next James Bond theme tune after missing out on the opportunity to make music for 2008's Quantum of Solace.

29th May 2011

Quote: "I think the older we get, the less choreography we do, so the bigger the stage we have to make us look better and the more dancers we have. But I'm happy I'm dancing... and aching." Take That star Howard Donald, 43, is feeling his age as the band kick off their European summer tour. The group debuted their new stage show in Sunderland, England on Friday (27May11).

23rd May 2011

Quote: "I have no problem with being single. In fact, I love it. The other lads have to go home early as they are with their partners and some of them have children. But I enjoy being single and being able to go out partying. I don't want to settle down just yet." British pop star Jason Orange is happy to be the last remaining bachelor in Take That.

4th April 2011

Quote: "If you were to come sit in our dressing room with the five of us, it's like a big group therapy session... Five middle-aged men talking about their feelings..." Take That star Gary Barlow is adamant the pop stars no longer live a life of excess while on tour.

17th February 2011

Quote: "I couldn't believe it when I came in and saw their police. I just saw their shields and said, 'What the f**k is this?'" British rapper Plan B was displeased when he realised Take That's performance at Tuesday's (15Feb11) Brit Awards would be similar to his own riot-themed set.

7th February 2011

Quote: "Throughout the Nineties I didn't have any views. I always felt lyrics were a weak point for me and I was often a copier of lyrics. I would use other people's emotions and always stole my lyrics from people around me." Take That star Gary Barlow struggled with originality and writer's block.

19th January 2011

Quote: "Songs do pick the singers. Now and again we fight over them." Gary Barlow reveals how the members of Take That decide who sings on their tracks.

19th January 2011

Quote: "I get really insulted when people bring their phones to the dinner table and they start answering texts. Am I not important enough to sit with you?" Take That star Gary Barlow names his top pet peeve.

19th January 2011

Quote: "I know we're back with Rob right now but we still see our future as a four-piece band. We see Take That as a four-piece band in general." Gary Barlow insists Robbie Williams' return to the group will not be permanent.

12th January 2011

Fact: Scholars at the University of Salford in Manchester, England are gathering to discuss pop group Take That's music comeback. The two-day event in June (11) will focus on the band's split in 1996 and subsequent reunion.

19th December 2010

Quote: "On most shows you have to sing in tune, sing in key, but I've managed to sell 60 million albums and I can do none of those things. The good singers are the ones behind us." British pop star Robbie Williams is grateful for the vocal support of his Take That bandmates.

12th December 2010

Fact: Take That star Gary Barlow has splashed out a massive $18 million (£12 million) on a new home in London.

12th December 2010

Fact: Robbie Williams and Mark Owen showed off their waltzing skills during Take That's appearance on British reality show Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday (11Dec10) as they teamed up for a short impromptu performance to show off their fancy footwork.

10th December 2010

Fact: Take That are set to perform at the 2011 Brit Awards as a full five-piece for the first time in 16 years. The band and British rapper Plan B are the first acts to be confirmed for the annual prizegiving next year (11).

11th November 2010

Quote: "I am still so pleased for Take That. They were always such delightful, gentle boys. They were outstandingly nice and have been whenever I've bumped into them since. Howard is my favourite. They've all struggled with demons. It's great to see them reunited..." Blur rocker Alex James hopes the TAKE THAT reunion will allow the pop stars to finally put their past problems behind them.

11th November 2010

Fact: British stars Cheryl Cole, Take That and N-DUBZ have signed up to perform at this year's Royal Variety Performance, in front of CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES next month (Dec10). Last year's (09) event saw Lady GaGa perform a controversial set in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

8th November 2010

Quote: "I wanted to enjoy Rob, I wanted to enjoy the reunion privately... I didn't want it to be captured on camera, but it was. Gutted." Jason Orange wanted Robbie Williams's return to Take That to be a private matter. Instead, film crews were hired to shoot footage, which has been made into the documentary Look Back, Don't Stare: A Film About Progress.

2nd November 2010

Quote: "You need competition to keep you on your toes. I love Take That and I've been a fan since secondary school. Everything those boys do turns to gold and I sometimes look at them and think, 'I wish we had that song,' but we've done OK." Westlife's Nicky Byrne is in awe of rival band TAKE THAT.

29th October 2010

Quote: "Absolutely not. There's going to be no Glastonbury, not for me... It's a s**thole full of d**kheads... They pay you about five pence." Take That star Robbie Williams is adamant the boyband will never play at the legendary British music festival.

28th October 2010

Fact: Take That are set for a chart showdown with Westlife after changing their album release date to coincide with that of their boy band rivals. Take That will drop their highly-anticipated Progress disc on 15 November (10) - the same day the Irish group's Gravity album hits shelves in the U.K.

19th October 2010

Quote: "My biggest insecurity has always been what I contribute. I don't write music or understand it like they all do. I was chosen for my dancing and we dance less now. So I've struggled with it. Then on better days I think, 'These b**tards couldn't do it without me.'" Jason Orange sometimes feels like the odd man out in Take That.

6th October 2010

Quote: "I want to get it over and done with and get IVF... Where do you get the injections?" Take That star Robbie Williams would consider in vitro fertilisation to help increase his chances of starting a family with new wife Ayda Field.

22nd September 2010

Quote: "I'm so happy those boys are all back together. I've been a Robbie fan for years and Gary is an amazing writer." Enrique Iglesias is pleased Robbie Williams has rejoined former bandmate Gary Barlow and the rest of Take That.

26th August 2010

Quote: "It's so many rehabs ago. There's so much vodka underneath the bridge." Robbie Williams can't recall exactly what sparked his feud with Take That bandmate Gary Barlow.

15th July 2010

Quote: "Getting the five of us to be in a room together, although always a dream, never actually seemed like becoming a reality." Take That star Mark Owen still can't believe former bandmate Robbie Williams is rejoining the British boyband.

15th February 2010

Quote: "Let's put it this way, something big is on its way." Robbie Williams is coy about rumours he'll rejoin Take That, after leaving the band in 1995 to go solo.

28th January 2010

Quote: "As soon as we heard, we were just hoping we'd be asked. It's one of those things you don't have to think about. We've never done anything like this before, but music has been a great way of generating money for good causes." Take That star Gary Barlow was overjoyed when the group was asked to take part in Simon Cowell's Haiti charity single.

9th December 2009

Quote: "We don't talk about work, we go down the pub for a pint and talk about cars, microphones and studio gear. It's not very rock and roll, but we're good mates!" Boyzone star Ronan Keating insists there's no rivalry between him and Take That's Gary Barlow.

17th November 2009

Quote: "The worst thing about being in Take That is when we're in the studio and we dial out for our food. The other lads will be tucking in to their gourmet burgers, followed by chocolate and there'll be me with my tuna salad and my little protein bar." Pop star Gary Barlow hates his strict low-calorie diet.

16th October 2009

Fact: Sir Paul McCartney, Lily Allen, Leona Lewis, Take That and DAME Shirley Bassey will take to the stage at London's Royal Albert Hall on 20 November (09) to raise funds for BBC charity Children In Need.

23rd September 2009

Quote: "I want to work with him but he's not interested - he told me he wants Shirley Bassey. Can you imagine the two of them? It would be incredible. They should do something." Take That star Gary Barlow is a big fan of rapper Dizzee Rascal.

18th September 2009

Fact: Oasis are set to battle it out against rival Britpop group Blur at the forthcoming Q Awards, despite announcing their split last month (Aug09). The WONDERWALL hitmakers will go head-to-head with the PARKLIFE stars for the Best Live Act honour, alongside U2, Arctic Monkeys, THE Prodigy, Kasabian and Take That.

4th September 2009

Quote: "It was very sad. I watched it and wished I had been there, but I didn't know that was going to be the end of the documentary. I thought that was a bit cruel... I wish I had have been there." Robbie Williams on the documentary that marked Take That's reunion after a ten-year hiatus, which ended with the four group members disappointed when the ANGELS singer failed to join them.

21st August 2009

Quote: "I'd like all four at once. They're very sexy. I'm a single girl now and I like to have a good time." Lady GaGa is attracted to all four members of British group Take That.

5th July 2009

Fact: Take That singer and songwriter Gary Barlow is swapping pop for opera by penning a song for Welsh classical singer Katherine Jenkins.

4th July 2009

Fact: Reformed boyband Take That has won its second Silver Clef award - an honour which helps raise money for music therapy charity Nordoff-Robins. The British group first won the prize in 1995, just months before it announced its split.

8th June 2009

Quote: "Robbie Williams said it's not right for him. There's no chance of it happening this time." JASON ORANGE sets the record straight about reports his former bandmate will rejoin Take That on their U.K. tour.

11th February 2009

Quote: "They should win. I just think that band are awesome." Chris Martin tips Take That to walk away with the Best Band gong at the Brit Awards next week (18Feb09) - over his own band Coldplay, who are also nominated for the prize.

5th February 2009

Quote: "If I start singing at home my kids tell me to shut up. I have to tell them, 'People pay to hear this, you know.'" Take That frontman GARY BARLOW fails to impress his children with his talents.

28th January 2009

Quote: "As soon as we went abroad we wiped our memories of what we were allowed to do. In Amsterdam I slept with a fan. A chubby Dutch girl. And carried on from there. We just had a lot of fun. I don't feel any guilt about how much sex I had." Take That star GARY BARLOW enjoyed sleeping with groupies during the band's heyday.

12th December 2008

Quote: "We thought it would last a week... It's been a long week." GARY BARLOW admits he's amazed Take That's reunion has lasted two years.

4th December 2008

Quote: "I could do the whole process (of rolling a marijuana cigarette) in one hand in a car while it was moving. Once I bought a lump of (cannabis) resin and it was rubber from somebody's shoe. So I smoked it anyway." Former Take That star Robbie Williams on his battle with drugs.

6th November 2008

Quote: "We're really looking forward to seeing the Liverpool audiences because this is where pop music began, I think." Take That frontman GARY BARLOW pays homage to the Beatles as their hometown Liverpool plays host to the 2008 MTV EMAs.

1st November 2008

Fact: British boyband Take That's upcoming 2009 tour has become the fastest selling string of live dates in U.K. history - outselling Michael Jackson's 1987 BAD concerts. More than 600,000 tickets for Take That's The Circus - Live sold out within five hours of going on sale on Friday (31Oct08).

3rd June 2008

Fact: British band Take That's reunion tour last year (07) has been voted the best comeback of all time in a new poll of networking sites. (LJ/WNTSU/MJ) British band TAKE THAT's reunion tour last year (07) has been voted the best comeback of all time in a new poll of networking sites.

29th April 2008

Fact: Take That star HOWARD DONALD treated himself to a $180,000 (GBP90,000) Audi R8 sportscar to celebrate his 40th birthday.

31st March 2008

Quote: "I use a bit of tinted moisturiser to make me look like I've got a tan. It works." Take That bandmate JASON ORANGE reveals his beauty secrets.

24th January 2008

Fact: SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham was cheered on at the group's Manchester, England gig on Wednesday (23Jan08) night by pal EVA LONGORIA PARKER, who was in the audience at the M.E.N Arena - as was Take That star JASON ORANGE.

4th January 2008

Quote: "I was actually offered a Led Zeppelin ticket, but I declined. I was tempted, but I had just been to the impressive 02 stadium (London) to see the even more impressive Take That, so there was no architectural lure." Lyricist SIR Tim Rice is surprisingly blase about the return of one of Britain's most celebrated rock bands.

4th December 2007

Fact: Take That star GARY BARLOW feared he would miss his wife during the band's U.K. Beautiful World tour - so hired her as a backing dancer.

3rd December 2007

Fact: British boy band Take That arrived for their gig at London's O2 Arena on Thursday (29Nov07), in a $3.4 million (GBP1.7 million) yacht.

28th November 2007

Fact: A stage musical based on the story of a Take That tribute band will open in London in May next year (21May07) after a national tour. NEVER FORGET will feature many of the British pop group's biggest hits including Back For Good and Relight My Fire, and will open at the West End's Savoy Theatre.

14th November 2007

Fact: Catwalk star Lily Cole is following in the footsteps of actor Antonio Banderas and U.K. pop group Take That - by modelling for British retail giant Marks + Spencer. The 19-year-old will front the high street store's spring/summer advertising campaign.

14th November 2007

Fact: British boy band Take That and the Sugababes will take to the stage on New Year's Eve (31Dec07) for a special live TV broadcast.

9th November 2007

Fact: British pop group Take That are giving five aspiring musicians the opportunity to support them on their U.K. tour next month (Dec07).

29th October 2007

Fact: Pop star Leona Lewis' BLEEDING LOVE chart victory over Take That's RULE THE WORLD this week (28Oct07) is not the first time The X Factor winner has gone head-to-head with the reformed boyband. Lewis triumphed over the BACK FOR GOOD hitmakers in 2006, when her debut release, A MOMENT LIKE THIS, raced to the top of the U.K. singles charts ahead of Take That's comeback single, PATIENCE.

2nd July 2007

Fact: British royals Prince William and Prince Harry are to auction guitars as part of the charity celebrations to commemorate the 46th birthday of their late mother DIANA, Princess Of Wales. Fans can bid for three Gigson guitars signed by acts at Sunday's (01Jul07) Concert for Diana, including Take That and SIR Elton John, from Tuesday (03Jul07) on internet auction site eBay.

6th June 2007

Quote: "Laugh and grow fat. I can't do the latter but I would if I wasn't back on stage." Take That star GARY BARLOW has simple advice for a happy life.

5th March 2007

Quote: "THE POLICE getting back together is amazing. But personally I'm more thrilled about Take That." Sting's wife Trudie Styler reveals where her musical allegiances lie.

23rd February 2007

Fact: Lebanon-born pop sensation Mika has pulled out of supporting reformed boy band Take That on their upcoming European tour.

19th February 2007

Quote: "I was watching the Brit Awards at home with my family and JACK went crazy when Take That came on. I don't think he realises that Daddy used to be in a band like Take That." Former Boyzone star Ronan Keating is irked his eight-year-old son doesn't appreciate his career success.

15th February 2007

Fact: Singer Robbie Williams will take a cut of all profits from future merchandise branded with the name Take That, because he has given his former bandmates his consent to apply for a trademark for use on a large range of goods including CDs, films, video games, stationary and clothing.

30th December 2006

Quote: "My New Year resolution is to try to give up smoking." Take That star Mark Owen has high hopes for a nicotine-free 2007.

24th November 2006

Quote: "It's a big show with big ratings, so it's a real honour to be asked." GARY BARLOW is delighted Take That will perform on the grand finale of British talent TV show THE X FACTOR.

3rd November 2006

Quote: "I came up with a few that were quickly rebuked. Dylan for example, even Bowie. Bowie Owen! But I've just heard that ELWOOD is one of the Blues Brothers, so I've managed to wangle the musical nod in there somehow." Take That star Mark Owen on his son's recent christening.

26th October 2006

Fact: A ROBBIE WILLIAMS fan stands the chance of winning GBP4,000 ($7,485) - if the ANGELS singer asks her out on a date. The British fan, 33, has placed a GBP40 ($72) bet with British bookmakers William Hill at 100/1 that she will step out with the former Take That star - and could even win GBP10,000 ($18,714) if she becomes his wife.

24th October 2006

Quote: "I turned up in a codpiece with the matching studded jacket as well. You should have seen their faces." Take That singer HOWARD DONALD surprised his bandmates at a recent rehearsal.

31st May 2006

Quote: "We don't support no one. We'd rather not do any shows than support Take That." British boy band EAST 17 still have no love for their 1990s chart rivals.

26th October 2005

Fact: <p>Nineties boyband Take That will release previously unheard track TODAY I'VE LOST YOU on their forthcoming album NEVER FORGET - ULTIMATE COLLECTION. </p>

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