British style icon Alexa Chung has announced she’s launching her own fashion label. The 32-year-old has already successfully collaborated with brands including Marks & Spencer, AG Jeans and Eyeko, but she’s now going out on her own with a namesake label which will feature denim, day wear, evening wear, shoes and jewellery.

Alexa ChungAlexa Chung is launching her own fashion label.

Speaking to Business of Fashion, Chung said: “I feel as though I’m kind of prepared to do it now. If it had been any time sooner than this, I either wouldn’t be responsible enough or have been able to take on this kind of feat.”

“I just wanted the freedom to sort of make my own world, without someone else’s brand’s brief to stick to," she continued. "That was so fun, but there are certain boundaries that come with doing something on behalf of someone else, [you] kind of have to keep within their design remit.”

The label is expected to launch in May 2017 and the first collection will be sold at selected luxury retailers, including Selfridges and Galeries Lafayette as well as via a dedicated e-commerce platform.

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“How we present is going to be something we need to really think about. I know how the fashion industry stands today and how it’s changing very rapidly. I want to make sure that we are offering something that is exciting and unique and new, but also the point of this brand is that it connects to everyone,” Chung added.

“I’m not making something that has got a crazy high price point. I want to make sure its something that is speaking to just everyone on the street.” The brand’s launch will be focused in London, New York, Paris and Hong Kong and aims to introduce a special project in each city during its first year.