Alexa Chung thinks the coronavirus pandemic has shown the ''frivolity of fashion'' and has encouraged sustainability.

The model believes the current health crisis - which has forced people to stay at home - has made fast fashion much less popular and she thinks this will only be good for the industry.

She said: ''I'm bad at being a fashion oracle but I will give it a go ... Everyone's questioning the frivolity of fashion, the calendar, seasonal cycle, everything. That was already going on in the background anyway. We were trying to go on that conversation before and this pandemic sped up the idea that globalisation has resulted in so many crazy things.''

Whilst Alexa still wants people to care about fashion, she feels people will start ''investing'' their money into clothes now rather than buying more of the cheaper items.

She shared: ''I have a fashion brand so I hope people will still enjoy dressing up. I think people will start investing quality products like that one cashmere jumper instead of three from a fast fashion label. Young people are now all about sustainability, calling out for brands to take more responsibility for how they produce and distribute.''

And the 36-year-old model praised the beauty industry for becoming ''more inclusive and diverse''.

Speaking to Forbes magazine, she said: ''What's happened in the last few years is fantastic. Beauty industry has become more inclusive and diverse which means there are so much more iterations of how people express themselves through beauty looks. I don't think beauty products will be eradicated but more that there will be an expansion within the industry so that there is not one ideal beauty face anymore.''