Alexa Chung doesn't have a daily skincare routine.

The 37-year-old model has revealed that due to her globetrotting career she has never used a regular set of products on her face every day, and likes to keep things "simplistic".

She told Stylist magazine: “I should probably flag that I’ve never really had a routine and that was because of my constant travelling. Before lockdown, I never really had a day that looks like the next one. I didn’t even have a particular time to set my alarm. But I’m quite simplistic.

“In the morning, after showering and cleaning my face, I just use serum and a moisturiser. For moisturiser, I’m currently using Weleda’s Calendula Face Cream, £6.37. And before that, I was using CeraVe. It was a great basic moisturiser because I overdid it on trying out different oils and needed to calm down my skin.”

Meanwhile, Alexa - who is dating musician Orson Fry - revealed she's still wearing lipstick when she goes out, despite having to cover her lips with a face mask amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And the brunette beauty admitted she always goes for a bold colour when she hasn't got time or is hungover to make it look like she has made an effort, otherwise her go-to shade is nude.

She said: “I still wear lipstick but then it starts wearing me when it’s transferred onto my mask. I don’t actually mind that though because then I know which mask is mine and which is my boyfriend’s.

“When it comes to colours, a vibrant lipstick is great if you don’t have any time but want to make it look like you’re not hungover and tried to make an effort. That’s one for the handbag.

“But my favourite shade is actually a nude colour – Code8’s Affogato Lipstick, which I created with the brand. It’s has a certain depth that enhances your natural lip colour without being too much.

“It makes you look polished but doesn’t require a full face of make-up so you can literally just wear that and some blusher and you’re good to go.”