Alexa Chung has been making an effort to get dressed every day in lockdown.

The 36-year-old presenter, model and designer is determined to keep up her fashion credentials during the Covid-19 pandemic and has been sorting through her clothes to get ready for when normal life resumes.

She told The Cut: ''Every day I make an effort to get dressed. It's keeping me sane. Before we went into lockdown, my brand ALEXACHUNG launched a capsule of essentials, so I've mostly been living in a navy-blue cardigan and jeans, and I just change the shirt out.

''I haven't worn a pair of heels for a long time, but I've been arranging them in my attic so they're ready to go when the time is right. My faves are a sparkly, strappy silver pair of Saint Laurent heels that I haven't had the opportunity to wear yet but like to stare at.''

Alexa also admitted to some strange shopping habits during the pandemic.

She said: ''I've also been making really weird shopping decisions. I bought some knitted hot pants from Zara and a far too large bucket of paint from Little Greene in Stone Pale Warm.''

And the star has been treating herself to some little luxuries to help her through lockdown.

She said: ''I think it's important for the house to smell nice currently because I'm basically locked in it at all time. It's discontinued now, but I light a Byredo Altar candle, which smells like a fragrant church from olden times. I also love the Santal 26 candle by Le Labo. A girl at work bought one for me for my birthday, and they printed a little note on it, so when I light it I think of her and how nice she is.''