Alexa Chung is the first-ever brand ambassador for CODE8.

The 36-year-old model and fashion designer has teamed up with the luxury makeup brand - which launched just over a year ago - to become the inaugural face and ambassador for the line, which she praised as having a ''simple'' approach to style.

In a statement, she said: ''Makeup for me is about accentuating and enhancing your features rather than masking or reinventing them and that's why I love the campaign imagery so much. It's serious makeup for people who don't take makeup too seriously.

''As much as I enjoy putting on a cat eye or a bold lip, for the most part my approach to beauty is simple and devoid of products that seem intimidating to use and I think that's mirrored in the ethos of CODE8.

''I am delighted to be partnering with CODE8 whose straightforward approach to beauty is so aligned with my own.''

Alexa and CODE8's first partnership is the latest campaign, Beauty Decoded, which focuses on showcasing the singular and uncomplicated messaging of the makeup brand.

The brunette beauty loves CODE8's product range, and praised the Radiate Beauty Balm BB cream for being a lightweight alternative to ''thick'' foundations.

Speaking to Vogue to celebrate her new role, she said: ''I'm not good on proper foundation because it's a bit thick, but there's a BB cream that CODE8 does that's really nice.''

And the model also praised the brand's range of lipsticks, which have been curated to ''suit different skin tones''.

She added: ''Red goes with everything which is why it's such a classic. I really love the red [shade] they do at the Miu Miu shows: the Miu Miu red lip. The women wear it in the shop as well, but no-one seems to agree on what it is and where it's from. I've asked everyone - even Pat McGrath - but there's no single, official lipstick. A red lip is iconic and something that looks good on everyone - and CODE8's thing is that they've already made it to suit different skin tones via their Pop Art shade.''