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Pierce Brosnan Is Set To Star In Final Score

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is set to star in 'Final Score'.

The 63-year-old actor - who is known for his role as the secret agent James Bond in the spy thriller - has announced he has been cast in the action film, which will be directed by Scott Mann, and is based on a script written by brothers Lynch and Jonathan Frank.

The production will see a football stadium seized by a group of armed criminals who are demanding a ransom.

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Urge Trailer

When a group of friends decide to go away for a long weekend to a luxurious island resort, they are all eager to kick back and have some fun. The entourage decides to visit one of the most exclusive clubs on the island and soon make friends with the clubs owner who propositions one of the group with an offer to try a new designer drug that is sure to give the takers a once in a lifetime experience.

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Pierce Brosnan Wasn't Very Impressed By 'Spectre'

Pierce Brosnan Daniel Craig James Bond

Although it came out to an initial flurry of five-star reviews, the latest James Bond flick Spectre has experienced something of a critical backlash in the last fortnight or so. Former 007 actor Pierce Brosnan has become the latest to add his voice to those complaints, describing the movie as “too long”.

Giving an interview to entertainment website HitFix, 62 year old Brosnan admitted that he felt slightly let down by the 24th Bond movie. “I was looking forward to it enormously,” he said. “I thought it was too long. The story was kind of weak — it could have been condensed. It kind of went on too long. It really did.”

The actor, who portrayed the iconic British spy in four movies between 1995 and 2002, argued that it wasn’t distinctive enough and felt rather too much like the Bourne franchise.

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Pierce Brosnan Recalls Turning Down Tim Burton's 'Batman' Before Michael Keaton Was Cast

Pierce Brosnan

Piece Brosnan will undoubtedly be remembered for playing the womanizing British secret agent James Bond in four of the famed franchises films, but the Irish actor could have become one of the most famous superheros ever instead. So why did he turn down the role of Batman?

Pierce Brosnan
Brosnan was approached to play 'Batman' in Tim Burton's 1989 flick

While taking part in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, the 61 year-old star recalled being approached to play the caped crusader in Tim Burton's 1989 flick, but he never really considered taking the part because he just could not take the character seriously.

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Let Me In: Pierce Brosnan Wants In On The Expendables Fun

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan fits the bill for a potential role in The Expendables franchise, assuming the remit is: aging action stars looking for another hefty payday. And it’s hard to argue that it’s not.

Pierce BrosnanKeep dressing like that, Pierce, and the role's yours

The former James Bond star has expressed his desire to get in on the action, and his inclusion would certainly open up a new avenue of comedy revenue; you can just imagine the 007 jokes filtering through as the suave former British spy kicks it with the all-American action heroes. 

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Emma Thompson Says 'Love Punch' Marriage Sabbatical Is "Not A Bad Idea"

Emma Thompson Pierce Brosnan Timothy Spall Celia Imrie

Emma Thompson has stepped forward to say that she's all for taking a year out of a marriage in what's known as a "sabbatical" if it is "done properly." The 54 year-old film star and mother-of-two, who is currently promoting her new comedy, The Love Punch, revealed to The Telegraph that she is a form advocate of "taking a break from each other" though not complicating things by not being with other people.

Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson Has No Qualms About Taking Time Off From A Relationship.

"I wonder whether this isn't the way forward for a lot of married couples? You look at it and think that maybe every marriage should have a kind of a sabbatical, that couples should be forced to take a break from each other every so often, if just for a year or so," Thompson revealed, adding "It's actually not a bad idea."

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Brosnan, Thompson Are Far, Far Better Than 'The Love Punch'

Pierce Brosnan Emma Thompson Timothy Spall Celia Imrie

Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie is a pretty good cast. It just is. And there The Love Punch - a Great Marigold Hotel style movie set in the Cote d'Azur probably should work - but it hasn't really. 

Pierce Brosnan Emma Thompson Love PunchPierce Brosnan [L] and Emma Thompson [R] in 'The Love Punch'

It stars ex-husband and wife Richard and Kate (Brosnan and Thompson) whose biting banter suggests the flames of their former relationship have not been fully extinguished. When their retirement nest egg is wiped out when Richard's investment firm is defrauded, the divorced duo travel to France to steal a $10 million diamond ring from the financier behind the scheme. Of course, Spall and Imrie play the couple's former neighbours who are roped in to assist the heist. 

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'Mrs Doubtfire' Sequel? Robin Williams To Don Wig And Fake Boobs Once More!

Robin Williams Sally Field Chris Columbus Mara Wilson Pierce Brosnan

Robin Williams is set to reprise his role in the surprise sequel to the 1993 comedy, Mrs. Doubtfire, which will reportedly be directed by the original's Chris Columbus, according to THR. 21 years after the original movie, the news of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel has come as an unexpected albeit welcome surprise for many fans of the '90s hit.

Robin Williams
Robin Williams Will Return To His Lauded 'Mrs. Doubfire' Comedy Role For A Sequel.

Fox 2000 has tapped Elf writer David Berenbaum to write the sequel with Robin Williams attached to reprise his starring role as divorcee Daniel Hillard, who devises an outrageous plan to work his way back into his hostile wife (Sally Field) and children's lives. After creating an elaborate old lady costume and styling himself as the pleasant Scottish nanny, Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire, he gets himself hired as a housekeeper and nanny to his own children.

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A Week In Movies: Stiller And Williams Film In Rainy London, While Trailers Debut For Brosnan, Owen, Rio And Maleficent

Ben Stiller Robin Williams Judi Dench Pierce Brosnan Clive Owen Billy Crudup Karen Gillan Lana Del Rey Angelina Jolie

filming scenes for Night at the Museum 3

In the lull between big awards shows, media attention turns to Super Bowl halftime performances and adverts, while award-nominated actors and filmmakers travel around the world to squeeze in their next projects before Bafta and Oscar nights. Judi Dench is in India filming The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2 with the reunited cast from the original. Chiewtel Ejiofor is in New Zealand filming something top-secret. Cate Blanchett is taking a well-deserved holiday. Meanwhile, Ben Stiller and Robin Williams have been snapped on the streets of rain-swept London filming scenes for Night at the Museum 3. We braved the British weather to snap the filming in action.

We got our first glimpse of the comedy-drama A Long Way Down this week, with a new trailer that plays up the film's black humour and warm emotion. Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots play four people who meet as they're planning to end it all by leaping from a London skyscraper. In the media circus that follows, they make a pact to live for at least one more month. It looks funny and rather sweet, with the terrific cast on great form. It's out in March. Watch 'A Long Way Down' Trailer here.

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Heartbroken Nigella Lawson May Sue PR Guru Who Claimed Throat Grab Pics Were A Scam

Nigella Lawson Pierce Brosnan Charles Saatchi

Nigella Lawson is threatening to sue one of her publicists, Richard Hillgrove, who claimed in his online blog earlier this week (23 July) that the pictures of her being throttled by her estranged husband Charles Saatchi were released for personal gains. The PR guru has since said, speaking to The Sun, that he doesn't plan on removing the blog-entry from his site and added, “I have obviously touched a nerve. It’s not a crime to have a difference of opinion.”

Nigella Lawson
Lawson has had a tough few months

The TV chef has since hired the law firm Schillings to seek legal compensation from Hillgrove's comments, which speculates that Nigella had the pictures released herself in a publicity stunt, and the firm have apparently demanded an apology from Hillgrove, threatening legal action against him if he keeps the post on his blog. As Hillgrove remains stubborn in the face of these legal threats, Nigella may be forced into a courthouse yet again, as her divorce proceedings from the art dealer Saatchi continue to drag on. Nigella, who recently turned down a big-money US TV deal in favour of a move back home to the UK, has become increasingly more reclusive since she moved out of the Mayfair home she shared with Saatchi and their children.

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The World's End Review

Very Good

After Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Pegg and Wright conclude their so-called Cornetto Trilogy with yet another riotously inspired exploration of British culture: the pub crawl. And this time it's apocalyptic! But what makes the film thoroughly endearing is its focus on old friendships that are so well-played that we can't help but find ourselves on-screen even when things get very, very silly.

Pegg plays Gary, the ringleader of his band of school pals. It's been more than 20 years since their failed attempt to visit all 12 pubs in their hometown of Newton Haven. Now approaching 40, Gary hasn't grown up nearly as much as his friends, so it takes a bit of convincing to get the now-settled Andy, Ollie, Pete and Steve (Frost, Freeman, Marsan and Considine) to reunite for a renewed attempt to drink their way through town. Then after the first couple of pints, they start to suspect that something isn't quite right. People are behaving strangely, as if there are alien body snatchers taking over the town. So to avoid attracting attention, the boys just carry on getting blind drunk on their way to the 12th pub, The World's End.

As in the previous films, Pegg and Wright continue developing the characters and their inter-relationships even as everything falls apart around them. Sure, the end of the humanity seems to be upon them, but there's unfinished business between them that needs sorting out, and besides there are more pints to drink. Along the way, things are spiced up as they meet Ollie's sister Sam (Pike), who shocks Gary by refusing to pick up where they left off. They also encounter a former teacher (Brosnan), the town's crazy old man (Bradley) and a shady guy known as The Reverend (Smiley).

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Sam Mendes Will Direct Daniel Craig In 24th James Bond Film

Sam Mendes Daniel Craig Barbara Broccoli John Logan Pierce Brosnan Roger Moore James Bond Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Director Sam Mendes will be directing the next James Bond movie. The film is due to be released in 2015. The Skyfall director will work with Daniel Craig, who will be reprising his role as the secret agent. The writer of the previous film, John Logan, will also return to write the next script.

Sam Mendes
Sam Mendes at the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Press Night, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. 

The dates for release have already been confirmed. UK cinema goers will be able to see the film two weeks earlier than their American counterparts. The UK release date is set for 23rd October 2015 and the US for 6th November.

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Pierce Brosnan's Daughter Dies Of Ovarian Cancer – Star Pays Tribute

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan’s daughter Charlotte has passed away of ovarian cancer aged 42. Her mother, who died aged 43, suffered a similar fate. Brosnan has since released a statement, paying tribute to his late daughter.

Pierce BrosnanPierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Love Is All You Need'

He said: "On June 28 at 2pm my darling daughter Charlotte Emily passed on to eternal life having succumbed to ovarian cancer. She was surrounded by her husband Alex, her children Isabella and Lucas and her brothers Christopher and Sean.”

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Pierce Brosnan Prays For Cure For "Wretched Disease" After Cancer Takes His Daughter

Pierce Brosnan Cassandra Harris

Pierce Brosnan, the dashing former James Bond, has announced the death of his daughter, Charlotte Emily, after a three year battle with ovarian cancer. In a statement to People magazine, Brosnan announced: "On June 28th at 2pm my darling daughter Charlotte Emily passed on to eternal life, having succumbed to ovarian cancer. She was surrounded by her husband Alex, children Isabella and Lucas and brothers Christopher and Sean. Charlotte fought her cancer with grace and humanity, courage and dignity. Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our beautiful dear girl. We pray for her and that the cure for this wretched disease will be close at hand soon. We thank everyone for their heartfelt condolences."

Pierce Brosnan
James Bond Actor Pierce Brosnan Is Coping With The Loss Of His Daughter Charlotte To Cancer.

41 year-old Charlotte was Cassandra Harris' daughter - who starred in movies before her death in 1991 such as For Your Eyes Only (1981) and The Greek Tycoon (1978). She married Brosnan in 1980 and he adopted her children, Charlotte and Christopher, after their father Dermot Harris died in 1986. After his first wife's death, Brosnan married journalist Keely Shaye Smith 10 years later in 2001. Charlotte followed in her mother and father's footsteps by becoming an actress, starring in The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson (1996), but her career was punctuated by spells in rehab for cocaine abuse and depression, according to The Sun.

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"Love Is All You Need", Unless You're Also Looking For Plot [Reviews]

Pierce Brosnan

One thing that becomes apparent from the reviews for Love Is All You Need is that the title’s statement clearly isn’t true. The love story is definitely not enough to hold the film’s head above the (admittedly gorgeous) water of the Naples Bay. The film tells the predictable story of a middle-aged, recently divorced cancer survivor, played by Molly Blixt Egelind, who travels to the little tourist town of Sorrento for her daughter’s wedding. As it so happens, the conveniently single, handsome, middle-aged father of the groom (Pierce Brosnan) is also present at the festivities and after some butting of heads and will-they-won’t-they superficial tension (obligatory for the genre), the couple fall in love, all is resolved and they live happily ever after. You know the drill. We’ve all seen or at least know the story of Mamma Mia, which is what New York Daily News’s Elizabeth Weitzman quite aptly compares this to.

Susan King, writing for the LA Times, on the other hand, praises the film for its naiveté and its “naked vulnerability”. And there might be something to this statement as well. After all, few films have been so completely lacking in irony and cynicism in recent years. But there’s a reason for that – wit and sarcasm tend to make a movie that much more enjoyable.

Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post also has some good things to say about the flick – yes, it dishes out a hearty serving of mushy clichés, but it does so “with such tenderness that it feels like a healing balm”. It seems like this is what director Susanne Bier set out to accomplish. Unlike A Better World, this one is no Oscar bait. But if you’re looking for a little pointless comfort, a la Under the Tuscan Sun (but maybe without the scorpion attack), then Love really might be all you need. If you want to make up your own mind, you can catch the trailer below.

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Video - Barbra Streisand Snapped At The Chaplin Award Gala With Michael Douglas And Pierce Brosnan Where She Is To Be Honoured

Oscar and Grammy winner Barbra Streisand is honoured at the 40th Anniversary Chaplin Award Gala at Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center, New York. Snapped on the red carpet are Streisand herself with husband James Brolin, 'Chicago' star Catherine Zeta Jones and 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' producer Michael Douglas, and James Bond star Pierce Brosnan with wife Keely Shaye Smith.

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To Close To Home? Ann Friel Reveals Fear Over Aging Role

Anna Friel Pierce Brosnan

Anna Friel takes on a role in The Look of Love who ages between the ages of 22 and 58. This scares the northern actress, who stars alongside Pierce Brosnan in the movie.

She told Grazia magazine: ''They used a technique called stippling to make me look older. It glues all of the creases around your eyes together and it takes hours for it to go back to normal." This frightened Friel into thinking she’d never look the same again. ''I would age years in a day and think it was going to stay that way forever.'' She added to the magazine: ''I loved my outfits. I loved the 70s costumes because I really like that whole Jane Berkin look. In one scene I went blonde so I wore a wig. We modeled the look on Marilyn Monroe, which was fine until Steve told me I looked like Moors murderer Myra Hindley. Steve looked great in costume though, it's funny seeing him in anything.'' The Look of Love has received mixed reviews so far. The Hollywood Reporter said, in their review, “Steve Coogan's performance is consistently amusing, but the poignant dimensions the director appears to be seeking don't quite come together.”

An overall rating of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes means it won’t be setting any award ceremonies alight, but could make an enjoyable watch this weekend.

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Love Is All You Need Review

Very Good

It's rare to find a romance that's actually based on such vivid characters as these, but then this is from Oscar-winning filmmaker Susanne Bier (In a Better World), who knows how to root films in people rather than plot structure. And even more important: this is a romance about middle-aged people we can genuinely engage with, as they have been beaten down by life and are in need of a fresh start.

It starts in Copenhagen, where hairdresser Ida (Dyrholm) has just finished cancer treatment when she discovers that her husband Leif (Bodnia) is sleeping with a young airhead (Schaumburg-Miller). Now she has to pack her son (Hansen) off to war before heading to Italy for the marriage of daughter Astrid (Egelind) to her boyfriend Patrick (Jessen). Then at the airport, Ida has an unlucky run-in with Patrick's tetchy father Philip (Brosnan), who has focussed only on his work since his wife died. And even as Ida catches his eye, he has to fend off the advances of his lovelorn sister-in-law Benedikte (Steen).

With a group of people gathering for a wedding on an idyllic Mediterranean island, the plot may seem like Mamma Mia without the music. But there are surprising details in the characters as the farce develops, and only a couple of the plot-lines get silly. The central love story is actually remarkably sweet, using Ida's and Philip's troubled histories to make their interaction both snappier and more deeply emotional than we expect. And Bier, working with her usual screenwriter Jensen, are free to let other narrative strands come and go around them.

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Pierce Brosnan On Being Bond And His New Film, Love Is All You Need

Pierce Brosnan James Bond

How many films has Pierce Brosnan starred in? Go on, guess. Actually guess. 38? Nah it’s 43, but you were close. See, we were so enamoured by that little factoid, we had to start this article with it. And now, here’s Brosnan talking about Bond and his new film, Love is All You Need.

Click for the Love is All You Need trailer

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A Week In Movies Featuring The Oscars Favourites, Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn Crashing Google And Danny Boyle's Gory Trailer For Trance

Amanda Seyfried Jennifer Lawrence Ben Affleck Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences Owen Wilson Vince Vaughn Pierce Brosnan Trine Dyrholm Danny Boyle James McAvoy

Amanda Seyfried 'Les Miserables' Premiere Berlin Germany

It's Oscar weekend, so the stars are converging on Los Angeles for the big night on Sunday. Returning from the premiere of her new film Lovelace at the Berlin Film Festival, Amanda Seyfried was caught by the paparazzi as she landed at the airport to support Les Miserables, which has seven nominations including Best Picture. She signed autographs as she was ushered through the arrivals hall by her aggressive security team.

The press also caught up with Jennifer Lawrence as she made her way through the Los Angeles airport. She's the favourite to win Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook and was also rushed through the arrivals hall while photographers snapped pictures. She managed to sign a few autographs along the way, and one of her minders can be seen putting her luggage in the back of her car, including a teddy bear.

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Love Is All You Need Trailer

When Ida, a Danish hairdresser who is recuperating after a series of chemotherapy treatments walks in on her husband cheating on her with a very young colleague from the accounts department at work, she finds her life in tatters. She resolves to travel alone to Italy where her daughter Astrid is set to wed her fiancé Patrick but on the way she meets the angry and aloof Philip who is also living in Denmark and who has become more and more annoyed at the world since his wife passed away. He turns out to be the father of the groom and they are forced to spend time together despite meeting on bad terms. Philip is humbled when he returns to the Italian villa in which he used to live with his wife but other conflicts are cropping up elsewhere even between the bride and groom. However, it isn't long before Philip and Ida start enjoying each other's company and they start to contemplate moving on with their lives.

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Will The Six Spies 'Bond' At The Oscars?

James Bond Sean Connery Daniel Craig Roger Moore Timothy Dalton GEORGE LAZENBY Pierce Brosnan Adele Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences IAN FLEMING

It's less than two weeks until the most prestigious movie awards ceremony - the Academy Awards -takes place on February 24th 2013 and rumours are flying around everywhere about alleged appearances. One of the biggest is, in the wake of the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie 'Dr No', all six actors who have portrayed the British spy (from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig) will show up for one huge reunion on the Oscars stage. But just how likely is it happen?

Sean Connery has, according to the Daily Record, been invited to attend the so-called reunion, as sources reveal that they've 'not had a no from him'. 'Normally he is quick to turn things down', they said. 'Sean's relationship with the Oscars is good and we're hoping he'll appear.' The paper also went on to claim that Sean's 'issues' with the producers of James Bond may deter him from attending the event, although we've always thought of him as seeming rather proud of being the original 007 star so it would seem odd for him to refuse on that account. On the other hand, according to the Edinburgh Evening News, the Scottish actor didn't even know about the rumours, with his press agent claiming that no-one has yet asked him to get involved.

One who would be likely to attend is Sir Roger Moore; a man who was loved by so many that he played the role of Bond for 12 years, completing 7 movies between 1973 and 1985. He celebrated the 50th anniversary of the franchise last year by releasing his book 'Bond on Bond: The Ultimate Book On 50 Years Of Bond Movies' so it certainly seems like it's a part of his life he holds dear. He mentioned in an interview on the 'Today' show that it was like 'working with a family every 18 months' but regrets that he finished his book before he saw the latest 007 movie 'Skyfall'. 'I would write another chapter', he said. 'I think it is just the best Bond ever made.' However, as happy as he seems to be constantly associated with the fictional secret agent, he wasn't spotted at the 2013 BAFTAS on February 10th 2013 where 'Skyfall' won 'Best British Film'.

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A Week In Movies Feat: Naomi Watts Powerful In The Impossible, Dustin Hoffman Directs Quartet And Screenwriter Dan Fogelman Talks Barbra Streisand

Naomi Watts Dustin Hoffman Tom Courtenay Pauline Collins Billy Connolly Pierce Brosnan Barbra Streisand Ryan Gosling Bradley Cooper Eva Mendes Ryan Reynolds Paul Giamatti Samuel L Jackson Maya Rudolph Snoop Dogg

Django Unchained

After the holiday season, the movie world is slowly cranking up to speed. Although the really big news doesn't start until next week, with the announcement of the Oscar and Bafta nominations.

This week's biggest nominee announcement came from the Producers Guild of America, seen as a taste of the Best Picture Oscar race. The PGA's 10 feature film nominees are: Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Moonrise Kingdom, Silver Linings Playbook, Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty.

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Video - Pierce Brosnan Told He's Number One Irish Export As He Visits Beverly Hills Dentist

Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan is followed by photographers as he walks down the street with his wife. After walking a short way, he stops outside a building and waves her goodbye as she disappears up the street and he informs the paparazzi that he has to go to the dentist.

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Daniel Craig Joins Johnny Depp As One Of World's Top Paid Actors

Daniel Craig Pierce Brosnan Roger Moore Sean Connery Timothy Dalton Idris Elba

Daniel Craig, 44, is officially the highest earning Bond actor of all time and has now risen to become one of the top paid actors in the world. Though there had been murmurings that Craig would leave his post as 007, the Lancashire born actor has now signed a £31 million contract to pay the international spy twice more.

The pay-rise was inevitable following the phenomenal success of Skyfall, Sam Mendes' new Bond movie that took £57 million in 12 days in the UK. Craig is expected to appear in the next movie as early as 2014, though it's unclear whether his pal Mendes will be back behind the camera. For his first appearance as Bond in Casino Royale, Craig was paid £1.9 million before getting £4.4 million for the follow-up Quantum of Solace. His salary more than doubled to £10.7 million for Skyfall, which was £3 million more than Pierce Brosnan got for The World Is Not Enough in 1999. In today's money, Roger Moore was paid an average of £6.3 million per movie, while Timothy Dalton got £5.4 million. Craig has been lauded by critics as the best Bond since Sean Connery - who was paid just £10,000 for Dr No - and possibly the best Bond ever. His salary for the next two movies puts him firmly amongst Hollywood's elite earners, such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. It is thought the latter commands around $20 million per instalment of the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Yesterday, Craig paid a visit to Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, where he introduced a special screening of Skyfall to 800 British servicemen and women.

The new deal could scupper Idris Elba's chances of landing the Bond role. Though he's met with producers regarding becoming 007, he would be 46-years-old in 2018, the likely year of the first post-Daniel Craig Bond. 

Imagining James Bond Without Daniel Craig: Who Were The Other 007 Contenders?

After seeing Skyfall this week, Roger Moore described Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes' new James Bond film as "without a doubt... the best Bond there's ever been." The film's crew is seemingly made up entirely of Oscar winners and critical reaction has suggested that Skyfall could be the first 007 movie to win big at the Academy Awards.

Though there were murmurings of discontent when British star Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan in the secret agent franchise, he's since become a revelation, with many considering him to be the finest Bond yet. His turn in Casino Royale had far more depth than anything Brosnan (or Dalton for that matter) had delivered, leaving Bond geeks squabbling between just three actors as to who was the best Bond ever: Moore, Connery or Craig? Though Quantum of Solace failed to reach the heady critical heights of its predecessor, early reaction suggests Skyfall betters Casino Royale and possibly anything before it. But it all could have been very different, couldn't it? Cast your mind back to 2005, when the protracted process of choosing the new James Bond was reaching its final stages. With Ralph Fiennes unable to commit to the filming schedule of Casino Royale, and Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and Heath Ledger discounted, producers chose to go ahead and run screen tests on the four 'finalists'. (They had lost the chance of landing Clive Owen after refusing to include gross profit points in his contract) The contenders were Layer Cake star Daniel Craig, ER actor Goran Visnjic, Australian actor Sam Worthington and 22-year-old Henry Cavill, reported Variety. All were relatively inexperienced, though producers were keen for someone considerably younger than the 52-year-old Pierce Brosnan. In fact, writer Paul Haggis told the Hollywood Reporter at the time, "We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28 - no Q, no gadgets."

Sam Worthington 'Wrath Of The Titans' UK film premiere

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Who Convinced Sam Mendes To Direct James Bond Skyfall Movie?

Sam Mendes Daniel Craig Pierce Brosnan

Sam Mendes had no interest in directing a Bond movie until Daniel Craig suggested he got involved with Skyfall, according to an interview with indiewire.

In fact, when his good friend Daniel Craig was cast as Bond, he was pretty vocal in his disagreement with the casting choice. When he watched Casino Royale, though, he admits that he was forced to eat his words. He insists though, that even though he’s a long-time fan of Bond, the thought of directing a Bond film had never appealed to him until the current leading man suggested it to him.

“I was never interested and I don’t think I saw most of the Pierce Brosnan films," said Mendes. "I was not into them at the time and then when Daniel got cast [in 'Casino Royale'] I was interested because he was a friend and I had worked with him. And I thought, ‘Wow, that's interesting.’ I was on record as saying that I didn’t think he was good casting. Then I saw it and was blown away and was suddenly interested again, as a character, and eager to see the next one. I was slightly disappointed with ‘Quantum of Solace’ although I think it’s got a bit of a short shrift, there’s a lot in it that’s interesting.”

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Wizard Of Oz's Iconic Judy Garland Dress Up For Sale

Judy Garland Michael Jackson Marilyn Monroe Pierce Brosnan William Shatner

63 years after the Technicolour family favourite "The Wizard of Oz" was released in cinemas, Judy Garland's iconic blue gingham Dorothy dress is going to be up for sale in an auction, to be held in November.

Darren Julien, the prime auctioneer of celebrity items with his company Julien's Auctions, expects the dress to make half a million dollars (£300,000). Julien's Auctions has sold items from Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, to name but a few, and sells some fairly normal items from Bill Clinton's saxophone, to the truly bizarre, namely William Shatner's kidney stone, which sold for $25,000 (£14k) in 2006.

The 'Dorothy' dress will join 800 other items of from films over the ages, including props, photographs and wardrobe items, in the "Icons and Idols 2012: Hollywood" auction. To mark 50 years since Marilyn Monroe's death, a number of her items will also be included in the sale.

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Everything Or Nothing Review

Very Good

Assembled in the style of a Bond film, this lively doc is an entertaining race through 50 years of the 007 franchise. The fast-paced narrative skips over a few things here and there, but focusses nicely on the relationships that have sustained the films over the decades even when it looked like it was about to fall apart.

James Bond was created as a bit of wish-fulfilment for author Ian Fleming, a reaction to his desk-bound job in intelligence during WWII. After the Cold War sparked interest in the novels, the film rights were sold to producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman. To make the first movie, 1962's Dr No, they broke every rule in the book, casting an unknown Scottish actor as Bond and redesigning the look and feel of spy movies from the ground up. Of course, it was a sensation, sparking the longest-running movie franchise of all time. Although it certainly hasn't been a smooth ride.

The central focus here is on the bromance between Cubby and Harry, which has lingered into the next generation. Today, Barbara Broccoli and her stepbrother Michael Wilson keep the films current, relevant and faithful to Fleming's original creation, which is a tricky balancing act. In this documentary, we get lucid first-hand accounts of the crises that nearly sank the franchise, including the panic of Connery's decision to leave the role, the legal wranglings around Thunderball (and its unofficial remake Never Say Never Again) and Brosnan's first false start as Bond. And then there were the world-changing events of 9/11, which spurred the producers to completely reinvent Bond as a grittier, more emotionally resonant figure.

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Video - Pierce Brosnan's Spy Skills Desert Him As He Struggles To Find His Parked Car

Ex-James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan leaves Coffee Bean Cafe in Malibu and struggling to locate his car in the parking lot. 'Hold on, where's my car?' he says with a slightly embarrassed laugh. In the background we hear a female fan scream and then shout 'James Bond, we love you!'

Brosnan, who starred in four 007 films between 1995 and 2002, was earlier this month announced to star in action thriller 'The Coup' alongside Owen Wilson though, according to Empire Online, 'without the license to kill this time'

I Don't Know How She Does It Review

There are plenty of skilled people behind this female-empowerment movie, but the film badly botches its core message. The script may reflect a certain reality about the sexes, but it also misses the point.

In Boston, Kate (Parker) has a loving husband, Richard (Kinnear), and two adorable children. Everyone watches her in wonder as she juggles her responsibilities as a wife, mother and high-powered investment banker. But the constant business trips are taking their toll, especially when she's required to work regularly in New York with investor Jack (Brosnan). It's a struggle, but Kate keeps everything running. The question is whether anyone is actually happy with the situation.

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Video - Pierce Brosnan Jokes With Photographers - 'I Don't Know How She Does It' New York Premiere Arrivals Part 2

'Sex and the City' star Sarah Jessica Parker's new film, 'I Don't Know How She Does It' had its premiere in New York and the stars came out to walk the red carpet. Former 'American Idol' winner and actress Jordin Sparks was the picture of happiness as she beamed for photographers. She wore a leopard print dress paired with white peep toe heels. Also in attendance was socialite Tinsley Mortimer, who adjusts her chic white dress before posing.

Another star from the film showed up; former James Bond Pierce Brosnan - who plays Jack Abelhammer in the comedy - looked dapper and relaxed walking the red carpet.

Remember Me Review

Even before the manipulative final act, this film will get on the nerves of most viewers with its over-serious tone and sentimentalised plot. And the main problem is that all of this leaves the cast with little to do besides mope.

Tyler (Pattinson) is a 21-year-old student who still hasn't recovered from the suicide of his big brother six years ago. He devotes himself to his little sister Caroline (Jerins) and rebels against their wealthy father (Brosnan). When he's brutally arrested by a cop (Cooper), his chucklehead flatmate (Ellington) suggests that he get even by dating the cop's daughter Ally (de Ravin), a fellow student. It turns out that Ally also has a personal tragedy in her life, and of course they fall in love as they try to sort out their issues.

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The Ghost Trailer

Watch the trailer for The Ghost

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Remember Me Trailer

Watch the trailer for Remember Me

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Trailer

Watch the trailer for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

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Married Life Trailer

Watch the trailer for Married Life.

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Taffin Review

Years before becoming Bond, Pierce Brosnan got the chance to play a roguish Brit hero as the title character in Taffin, an Irish debt collector hired to stop Evil Corporate Empire from building a chemical plant in a sleepy waterfront village. Do the ends justify the means Taffin goes through? If you can stay awake, you may just find out! Disappointing due to a confusing and often boring storyline, Brosnan provides enough bright moments to make the movie bearable, though hardly memorable.

The Tailor Of Panama Review

Somebody told Pierce Brosnan to change his image.

In The Tailor of Panama -- based on John Le Carré's novel and directed by John Boorman (Beyond Rangoon, Zardoz) -- Brosnan trades in the sophistication of James Bond for the identity of crude, disgraced spy Andy Osnard, an MI-6 operative that has to be shipped off to Panama on account of his loathsome behavior. Once he arrives in Panama City, the bad behavior doesn't stop: Osnard immediately sets upon the task of uncovering "what's going on" with the Panama Canal. Rumors swirl that it will be sold to another country now that Panama has it back from the U.S. Or perhaps there will be a coup from a populist underground?

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Evelyn Review

I chuckled when I noticed that my preview screening for Evelyn was shown in a theater next to another theater featuring Die Another Day. At first I thought the theater was doing a tribute to Pierce Brosnan, but then I realized it was just a coincidence that he was starring in two movies at the same time in the same theater. I feared my view of Brosnan in Evelyn would be tainted because of his typecasting as the suave British spy. Much to my delight however, Brosnan effectively sheds his powerful alter-ego and turns in a warm and touching performance as an average, Irish working-class bloke in Evelyn.

Based on a true story that took place in the 1950s, Brosnan plays Desmond Doyle, a father of three young children who is left to care for the kids when his wife leaves him for another man the day after Christmas. This happens to coincide with another unsettling loss for Doyle - he's recently lost his job. Since he is unable to find work, the courts have taken his two sons and only daughter Evelyn (Sophie Vavasseur) and placed them in church run orphanages. When he finds suitable employment and tries to re-unite with his children, he finds his troubles have only just begun.

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The World Is Not Enough Review


The honeymoon is over for Pierce Brosnan's incarnation of James Bond.

Just as Brosnan has begun to clearly distinguish his own bent on the character -- less loquacious than his predecessors, with an artful but well-bred smirk, quick to resort to lethal measures, yet an acute vulnerability when it comes to his bed mates -- most everything else that made the 1990s 007 renaissance such a smartly balanced mix of classic Bond and modern action has already been turned into a tired, caricature-like shadow of itself in "The World Is Not Enough."

The new, sassy and independent Miss Moneypenny (Samatha Bond) has been relegated back to desk duty and her banter reduced to a routine of spiritless double-entendres. Coming off her "Shakespeare In Love" Oscar win, Judi Dench's delightfully dour M has been laboriously humanized, given a conscience that doesn't suit her.

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Die Another Day Review


Until director Lee Tamahori blasts right past a perfectly good ending, only to burn a superfluous 20 minutes on an all-action, all-gimmick epilogue that leaks suspension of disbelief like a sieve, "Die Another Day" is as stimulating and heart-rate-raising as any James Bond thriller.

It has fresh new stunts (Bond goes surfin' surfin' MI6) set to energetic renditions of the Bond theme. It has an exhilarating sword fight (things get out of hand at a fencing club) and an awesome gadget car chase across a vast frozen inlet in Iceland (Bond drives an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish with missiles, pop-up machine guns, ejector seat and invisibility). It has a slithering, credibly psychotic bad guy (Toby Stephens, "Possession") who literally never sleeps, and a henchman (Rick Yune, "The Fast and the Furious") whose face is scarred by diamonds that became embedded in his skin when Bond almost blew him up with a briefcase full of jewels and C-4.

"Die Another Day" also has a modicum of success updating the series' style (slick, kinetic cinematography with swing-perspective camera tricks works well but virtual reality sequences and rock tunes on the soundtrack do not), and it takes risks with 007's invincible image. Bond is captured in the film's requisite action-packed pre-credits sequence and his torture by North Korean interrogators is blended into the sexy title song (a throwaway rave-mix tune from Madonna).

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