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Murder On The Orient Express Trailer

It's the 1930s and a group of strangers from different walks of life board a crowded luxury train called the Orient Express in Istanbul, preparing for a long overnight journey to their destination. Among them is the world famous detective Hercule Poirot who certainly isn't expecting to be working in such circumstances, but when a passenger named Edward Ratchett is found havng been brutally murdered in his sleep on the second night, it's up to him to gather all available evidence and wheedle out all of the suspects. So who are they? He soon deduces that the potential killer could be one of eleven including Professor Gerhard Hardman, Edward Masterman the Butler, Count Andrenyi, Hector MacQueen the Assistant, Mary Debenham the Governess, Pilar Estravados the Missionary, Mrs. Hubbard the Widow, Marquez the Salesman, Hildegarde Schmidt the Maid, Doctor Arbuthnot or Princess Dragomiroff. 

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Beauty And The Beast Review


This remake of Disney's 1991 classic is remarkably faithful, using present-day digital animation effects to give the story a photo-realistic sheen. The addition of more songs makes it feel much more like a big movie musical. And the use of real actors adds quite a lot of detail and subtext in the character interaction. But basically, this is still the same romantic fairy tale: lovely to look as it makes the audience swoon and sigh.

It's set in a French village, where Belle (Emma Watson) is looked at with suspicion by her neighbours for her empowered-female ways, reading books, expressing her opinions and running the farm where she lives with her single dad Maurice (Kevin Kline). It's no wonder that the vain soldier Gaston (Luke Evans) pursues her, since she's the only girl who isn't chasing him. Then one day Maurice and Belle have a fateful encounter with a castle hidden in a deep woods under a curse. Imprisoned by its beastly master (Dan Stevens), Belle befriends the staff, who have been transformed into household objects like a lampstand (Ewan McGregor), clock (Ian McKellen), teapot (Emma Thompson), harpsichord (Stanley Tucci) and feather duster (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). All of them conspire to help Belle fall in love with the Beast, which would break the spell.

Director Bill Condon (who made Dreamgirls and the final Twilight movies) makes the most of the live-action cast, allowing them to stir all kinds of undercurrents into their roles, which adds weight and interest to the rather predictable storyline. The film still looks largely animated thanks to an extensive use of digital backgrounds and characters, but the actors add an earthy tone that breaks the surface, bringing in some more textured emotions and sharper humour. The whole cast is excellent, with particular scene-stealing energy coming from Evans and Josh Gad (as his super-faithful sidekick LeFou), who are both funny and villainous at the same time. And Kline is also a standout for a surprisingly thoughtful performance.

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Bigots Are Going Out Of Their Way To Ban 'Beauty And The Beast'

Disney Bill Condon Josh Gad

The revelation that the upcoming live action version of 'Beauty and the Beast' will feature Disney's first gay character has caused predictable controversy, with one Alabama drive-in even going as far as banning screenings of the film and Russia has also been called to boycott the movie.

'Beauty and the Beast'People are really angry about 'Beauty and the Beast' news

A small drive-in in Henagar, Alabama are refusing to show the forthcoming blockbuster starring Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens simply because director Bill Condon recently cited that Gaston's sidekick LeFou (played by Josh Gad) was openly gay with feelings for his master. We doubt this will make a significant dint in the film's profits.

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Frozen Fever: Disney's Most Successful Animation Returns With A Short Film Sequel

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel Jonathan Groff Josh Gad

Considered to be one of the best, if not the best, Disney animated feature film and musical since the era of such greats as The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, 2013’s Frozen stole people’s hearts all around the world. It was a huge success, both commercially and critically, ranking as the highest-grossing animated film of all time and recieved two Academy Awards and a BAFTA.

Disney's Frozen captured hearts everywhere

But after the whirlwind of princesses, ice castles, unlikely heroes and catchy songs - how would millions of children (and adults) worldwide ever find anything that could live up to the high bar Frozen had set?

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The Wedding Ringer Trailer

Doug is all set to get married to his beautiful wife-to-be with wedding plans well underway, but there's just one problem; he can't find anyone willing to be his best man. He may be successful career-wise, but his social skills leave much to be desired. With no close friends to speak of, he has a massive problem - especially as he needs an additional seven groomsmen and he's already told his fiancee that everything is fine. It's then he discovers the Best Man Inc.; a special organisation that provides best man services to engaged social outcasts, for a price. With the help of his new best friend Jimmy, Doug sets out to try and fool his guests and his bride that he does have people close to him - but things don't look like they're going to run smoothly, especially when he meets his eccentic groom's party.

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Florida Teen Is A Dead-Ringer For Frozen's Princess Elsa...And She Has A Sister!

Idina Menzel Kristen Bell Josh Gad

A Florida teen has become an internet sensation after sharing a photo of herself dressed as Disney's Frozen princess, Elsa, via Instagram. 18 year-old Anna Faith Carlton's remarkable physical similarity to the animated princess as well as her meticulous attention to the character's hair, make-up and outfits have made her an instant internet star.

Anna rapidly shot to 350,000 followers after her striking image was even shared on the news: "It was everywhere, and I was, like, what is happening, I don't understand," she said. She actually works as an Elsa impersonator, making appearances at special occasions, including children's birthday parties and proms, reports ABC News.

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Wish I Was Here Trailer

Aidan Bloom may look like he's got a lot going for him on the outside, in his prime at 35 with a beautiful wife and two loving children named Grace and Tucker, but the truth is he's floundering. He dreams of being an actor, but that's not a job you can guarantee stability from and thus he no longer has enough money to send his kids to a private school - even with the full to bursting swear jar. He decides to home tutor them after deciding against public school, and soon discovers that he's not the only one in his life who is having problems. With his father having his own issues and his daughter feeling deep regret after cutting off her hair, he starts to realise that he might have to save his family before he himself can be saved.

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'Frozen' Is The Biggest Animated Movie Of All Time: Step Aside 'Toy Story 3'

Idina Menzel Kristen Bell Josh Gad

Frozen has finally overtaken the sales of Toy Story 3 to become the highest grossing animated movie of all time. The Oscar-winning musical comedy dominated the box office over the winter period. The last big push for the film's release came as it opened in Japan this weekend - one of the world's largest and most influential film markets. The hugely popular Disney flick hit has since reached $1.072 billion in box office revenue, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney Frozen
'Frozen' Has Finally Surpassed 'Toy Story 3' To Become The Biggest Animated Movie Of All Time.

Since Frozen's release late in 2013, it has made $398.4 million in the USA alone with an extra $674 million coming from other markets around the world. The movie's popularity was boosted by its chart-smashing soundtrack, strong presence on social media and awards success at high profile ceremonies including the Oscars, the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes.

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Is 'Walking With Dinosaurs' The Best Bet For Kids At The Cinema This Christmas?

Kristen Bell Josh Gad

Things are a bit thin at the cinema for kids this Christmas. The only new release for the holidays is the 3D adventure Walking With Dinosaurs, which is oddly aimed at very, very young viewers and will drive their parents crazy with its inane dialogue. Read our full review of the movie here.

Walking with Dinosaurs
Disney's 'Frozen' Is A Safe Bet for Christmas

Much more appealing, Disney's Frozen still sits near the top of the box office chart even though it's been out for several weeks now. So everyone's seen that by now - probably two or three times - but it's worth planning a return visit this coming weekend (it's definitely a better bet than those dinosaurs). And in a pinch, the still-lingering Free Birds at least offers some mindless laughter. 

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Frozen Review


Disney learns a lesson from Pixar's Brave, giving these orphaned princesses some feisty purpose that doesn't depend on a man. Everything else about this movie is fairly formulaic, including the requisite goofy sidekick character. But the frosty animation adds a stately, dramatic tone that's picked up by Broadway-style songs and just a hint of moral complexity in the story, which is based on Hans Christian Andersen's story The Snow Queen.

With her ability to freeze anything at a touch, young Queen Elsa (voiced by Menzel) has spent her life hidden away in the castle. No one can know her secret, including her restless little sister Anna (Bell), who meets her dream man in Hans (Fontana) on the day of Elsa's coronation. But Elsa's startled reaction to this news triggers an ice age in the kingdom, which sends Elsa fleeing to hide in the mountains. So Anna decides to track her down. She enlists help from local delivery boy Kristoff (Groff) and his pet reindeer, and as they head into the hills they encounter one of Elsa's newest creations: a singing, dancing, scatterbrained snowman named Olaf (Gad).

The winter wonderland setting gives the animators a lot to work with, and the imagery is spectacular. We actually shiver at the gleaming ice and snowy landscapes, which are so detailed that they make us want to see the film again. The characters are also sharply rendered, although they're designed without much subtlety, including the usual Disney physicality in the girls' big-eyed Barbie-like figures. But the plot keeps us off balance by, for example, giving Anna two eligible men to choose between. And also by making Elsa so internally conflicted about her unwanted powers.

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What Makes 'Frozen' So Good? Review Round-Up Of Disney's Latest Hit

Kristen Bell Chris Buck Alan Tudyk Idina Menzel Josh Gad Disney

It looks like Disney have hit the jackpot once again, as their latest animation, the festive Frozen, is a hit with critics and looks as though it could be a hit in cinemas too. Starring Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Kristen Bell and directed by Chris Buck, the film follows Anna, the future Queen of Arendelle, as she races against time to prevent her sister from unwittingly turning the kingdom into an eternally icy realm, meeting some new friends and learning some important lessons on the way.

The film is being commended for its visuals

"This is an icy, snowy world that Disney has never done before," director Chris Buck insisted in a recent featurette for the movie. Stars Kristen Bell and Josh Gad both gushed over the extent of the visuals on offer, with producer Peter del Vecho adding, "We did draw a lot of inspiration from Norway, in fact we sent our art direction team to Norway as the jumping off point."

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Frozen - Featurette

The cast and crew of upcoming animated Disney adventure 'Frozen' talk about the visual beauty that has been put to screen and the influence a trip to Norway had on the entire movie in a short featurette ahead of its release.

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Frozen Trailer

Anna is set to be the fearless Queen of Arendelle, but when her sister Elsa starts suffering the effects of her powers to create snow and ice and manages to cloak the entire city with a bitter winter, Anna realises that it's up to her to deal with it. It's only July, but it's bound to be unseasonal for eternity unless Anna can find her sister - now known as the Snow Queen - and get her to break the spell. She sets out on a treacherous mission to look for her alongside her best friend Kristoff, an ice breaker (quite literally), and his super-friendly reindeer Sven. Along the way they meet the bumbling, nasally challenged snowman Olaf as well as several unwelcome mountain dwellers - but that's the least of their worries when it turns out that Anna's beloved sibling is being seen as a ruthless monster, which she knows, deep down, she isn't.

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Thanks For Sharing Review


Even if we've never been to a 12-step meeting, an intelligent script and sharp performances help us see ourselves in these characters and situations. The film may sometimes get a little preachy, but writer-turned-director Blumberg (The Kids Are All Right) strikes a terrific balance between comedy and drama. 

At the centre is Adam (Ruffalo), who has just passed the five year mark in his battle against sex addiction. His sponsor Mike (Robbins) is proud of him, but he and his wife (Richardson) have their own issues since their ex-addict son (Fugit) has just returned home. Meanwhile, Adam is sponsoring Neil (Gad), who was court-ordered to attend rehab and doesn't take his addiction seriously until he gets to know Dede (Moore aka P!nk), a fellow rebel in the group. Then out in the real world Adam meets Phoebe (Paltrow) and has an instant spark of attraction. But as their relationship develops, he knows he'll have to tell her about his addiction.

The script is very tightly constructed to explore the topic from several angles through a handful of characters and sideplots. But while this may feel a bit tidy, Blumberg keeps everything grounded in honest experience. So the comedy is edgy and surprising, while the dramas avoid the usual cliches, never going quite where we expect them to as Blumberg and the cast explore the deep flaws all of these people have. So we can cheer for their small victories and sympathise with their failures. And each actor is excellent.

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Ashton Kutcher's Portrayal Of Steve Jobs Fails To Impress Critics Following Premiere [Pictures]

Ashton Kutcher Josh Gad Steve Jobs Bryce Dallas Howard Dermot Mulroney Matthew Modine

Jobs -Ashton Kutcher's latest contribution to film has failed to impress critics, who have unanimously slaughtered jOBS in their reviews. It has been described by critics as "bland" and a movie which "barely hints at the complexity of his [Steve Jobs'] ambitions and emotions."

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher at the premiere of Jobs at Regal Cinemas in L.A.

Jobs tells "the story of Steve Jobs' ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century", according to IMDb

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Ashton Kutcher - Jobs Video Interview

Ashton Kutcher is interviewed about his leading role as Apple founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic 'Jobs'. He talks about Jobs' musical inspirations and what it was like working with the cast and director.

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The Internship Review


This Wedding Crashers reunion has enough snappy dialog to keep us laughing even if the film itself feels like little more than a two-hour Google advert. Thankfully, Vaughn and Wilson are back on form after a number of flabby roles, and they keep the energy levels high enough to distract us from the fact that there's virtually nothing to either the character or the plot.

They play Billy and Nick, salesmen who are left unemployed when their company closes down. Nick finds a new job with his tattooed brother-in-law (Ferrell), but Billy talks him into ditching it for a summer internship at Google, where they join a mob of teen brainiacs in a battle for permanent jobs. Their ethnically diverse team of misfits (including O'Brien, Sircar and Raphael) is led by 23-year-old Lyle (Brener), and after a series of mishaps they begin to work together, surprising their aggressive rival (Minghella) and the intern programme director (Mandvi). Meanwhile, Nick flirts comically with Google exec Dana (Byrne).

This is a deeply lazy script that can't even be bothered to differentiate between the personalities of Billy and Nick, let alone anyone else on screen. Each person is defined by a couple of superficial characteristics, so there are no actual relationships between anyone. Billy and Nick aren't even allowed a hint of bromance. And it's simply insulting how the screenplay makes these two "old" men illiterate about both computers and culture (they've never heard of X-men?). Of course, they also teach the kids a lot about partying away from computer screens.

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Jobs Trailer

Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc. with his techie pal Steve Wozniak after leaving Reed College in Portland, Oregon at which he managed only a 6 month stint. He became a technician for Wozniak and fell instantly in love with the world of computers and his own ideas in revolutionising computers for the public. However, he proved to be a difficult person to work for when Apple became a major business, leading to him leaving the company for some time while he started over on another project. But through all the hardship and controversial leadership skills, Jobs is remembered as a pioneer who built an empire with the brand that everybody loved before passing away from pancreatic cancer in 2011 after an eight year health struggle.

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Thanks For Sharing Trailer

Adam is a nice guy who's willing to be faithful to his girlfriend Phoebe, there's just one problem; he's addicted to sex. Despite Phoebe's initial scepticism and distrust, Adam attends group therapy classes to overcome his clinical neurosis before it destroys his chance of love. There he meets Neil, someone who doesn't actually have sex, but whose addiction stems to getting as close to women as possible and has already lost him his job after his boss caught him filming up her skirt. Neil becomes best buddies with Dede, one of the only women in the therapy group who he puts all his energy into helping recover from her own problem. With everyone banding together to face their demons, beautiful friendships are discovered and waning relationships are healed.

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First Aniston Now Paltrow: "Thanks For Sharing" Trailer Features PG Stripping Scene With Gwyneth Paltrow [Video]

Gwyneth Paltrow Mark Ruffalo Pink Josh Gad

Apparently being voted as the sexiest woman alive has given Gwyneth Paltrow just the confidence she needed, because the actress is now stripping down in a trailer for her new movie Thanks for Sharing, USA Today reports. Well, don’t get too excited – Paltrow strips down to some fancy lingerie and of course, everything is kept PG.

Check out the Thanks for Sharing trailer.

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'Frozen' Sees Disney Doing What They Do Best In The Latest Fairytale Movie Adventure [Trailer And Pictures]

Disney Kristen Bell Josh Gad Idina Menzel Jennifer Lee Chris Buck

Olaf meets Sven in 'Frozen'Olaf meets Sven in 'Frozen'

'Frozen' is the new Disney animation based on a much-loved tale that is due to hit the UK this winter (most appropriately) starring Kristen Bell.

Fairytales are definitely becoming popular again with some of the world's favourites being transferred to stunning, high-energy and often grisly live action flicks, among them being 'Jack the Giant Slayer', 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters', 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and not to mention the TV series 'Once Upon a Time' which is now in its third season. However, Disney has brought the delight back to children and reverted to what they are known for with their (albeit vague) rendition of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen' in an animated adventure entitled 'Frozen'. Starring Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Broadway sensation Idina Menzel, it tells the story of Anna's quest to undo her sister Elsa's power over the kingdom of Arendelle, which she has cursed into eternal winter, accompanied by her friend Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and a snowman called Olaf.

Continue reading: 'Frozen' Sees Disney Doing What They Do Best In The Latest Fairytale Movie Adventure [Trailer And Pictures]

Frozen Trailer

Anna is a young girl determined to save the world as she sets out with her best friend Kristoff, a burly mountain dweller, and his friendly pet reindeer Sven on a mission to restore warmth to the kingdom of Arendelle. Her wicked sister, Elsa, also known as the Snow Queen, has cursed the realm to suffer a never-ending winter, forcing Anna and Kristoff to brave freezing conditions unlike any they've ever experienced as they set out to stop Elsa. But the bitter winds and endless snow fields become the least of their problems as they encounter creatures such as trolls along the way. They also meet the nasally challenged snowman Olaf, who joins them on their trip after becoming confusedly acquainted with Kristoff. Will Anna save the frosty kingdom? Or will Elsa's power prove much too strong?

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Video - Rebel Wilson, Robin Wright And Steven Spielberg At The 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner - Part 1

Among arrivals at the 2013 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner at the Washington Hilton were 'Pitch Perfect' star Rebel Wilson with her sister Liberty, 'House of Cards' star Robin Wright, Oscar winning movie director Steven Spielberg and the Grammy winning John Legend.

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The Internship Trailer

Billy and Nick thought they were the perfect sales team, but their careers hit rock bottom when the owner of their company shut up shop due to the ever increasing internet preference among consumers. However, Billy soon manages to find a way for them to pick up a new, more stable job in the world of technological advancement and lands them an interview for an internship with global internet giant Google. As interns, they are made to compete for a full time job with an army of young, genius students who way out-geek Billy and Nick and whose expertise in technology is formidable. As much as they try and fit in with them, the students just can't help themselves and find every opportunity to take advantage of their computer naivety.

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Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs In JOBS Is "Uncanny"

Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Josh Gad

Aston Kutcher has been dismissed before as a one-trick pony, a handsome guy who plays pranks on people for money. It's not a bad place to be, when you put things in perspective, but he's been trying to step out of that mould, and if his performance in jOBS is anything to go by, he should be taken seriously as a 'proper' actor. 

"If this story is going to get told, I want to get it told in a way that honors my hero," Kutcher told the audience at the Macworld trade show about reading the screenplay.  Actor Josh Gad stars in the film alongside Kutcher as Jobs' partner Steve Wozniak. "Ashton is going to blow a lot of people away. His performance was absolutely transformational," Gad told Us Weekly last November. "If he looked any more like Steve Jobs, I think it would just confuse a lot of people in thinking Steve Jobs never passed away. It's that uncanny."

The journey wasn't easy for Kutcher though, and his Jobs-like fruitarian diet landed him in trouble. "I ended up in the hospital two days before we started shooting the movie," Kutcher told the Associated Press. "I was like doubled over in pain, and my pancreas levels were completely out of whack, which was completely terrifying, considering everything."

Jobs - Clip

Steve Jobs is the late founder of Apple Inc. and who was a technological pioneer in terms of computers and general electronics. 'jOBS' is the brand new biopic on this extraordinary and charismatic man who sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer on October 5th 2011 aged just 56. This movie chronicles his career from 1971 to 2011 beginning with his dropping out of the expensive Reed College in Portland, Oregon after only 6 months before going on to his first job as a technician which later saw him work with business partner Steve Wozniak for the first time; a partner who became a major player in the creation of Apple Computers.

This long awaited biopic is soon to be released following a lengthy wait since production began in June 2012; just eight months after Jobs' death. It has been directed by Joshua Michael Stern ('Swing Vote', 'Neverwas'), produced by Mark Hulme and written by Matt Whiteley in his screenwriting debut. Much of the filming even took place at Jobs' actual childhood home in Los Altos, California. The independent flick was chosen to close the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in January 2013 and is set for theatrical release in the US on April 19th 2013.

Director: Joshua Michael Stern

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Mid-Season Replacement 1600 Penn To Make Full Bow On NBC

Bill Pullman Josh Gad

1600 Penn, one of the lucky shows to premiere as a mid-season replacement last month, is to return for a longer stretch starting tonight (January 10, 2013). The show has been created by 31 year-old Tony nominated actor Josh Gad and stars Bill Pullman, and its plot chronicles a dysfunctional family in the Gilchrists, whose father happens to be the President of the United States.

According to NBC New York, Gad has teamed up with real life President Barack Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Lovett to create the show, and he said that, though one of the lives involved was a fictional leader, it wasn’t so much about politics, and more about exploring the family dynamic –as well as a lot of laughter. “When we set out to do this, we really loved this idea of ordinary family, like any other family, in an extraordinary circumstance” the actor – who plays eldest offspring Skip – told NBC. “And I think as the episodes start to come out, you'll start to see this family become a very fun, cohesive unit that has their foibles but is absolutely in love with each other and absolutely teaching each other lessons week after week.”

Gad also revealed that he’d been given a two hour tour of the White House as part of his preparations for the show – describing it surprisingly as a “very small, intimate setting” – and also revealed a little more about what was going to happen further down the line. “We have the brilliant Hannah Simone from ‘New Girl’ coming on the show” he revealed, saying that she would be doing “do a role as this princess who goes on a date – she plays a literal princess of Andorra who comes to visit the White House. She's fascinated by Skip, absolutely, like in love with the idea of the chaos that is this character.”

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1600 Penn Premiere: You're Not Going To Laugh Very Much

Bill Pullman Jenna Elfman Josh Gad

Bull Pullman's new political drama 1600 Penn premieres on NBC tonight (December 18, 2012) and the first reviews have begun trickling in. The Independence Day actor plays the President of the United States, while Jenna Elfman plays his wife, the First Lady. Critics haven't exactly jumped for joy after watching the pilot, though Pullman fans shouldn't despair, there looks to be more to 1600 Penn than meets eye.

Entertainment Weekly has seen a handful of the first series and despite beginning its review with, "Here's the thing: You're not going to laugh very much, I'm guessing, at the 1600 Penn that premieres tonight," quickly adds, "But the show gets better; by the third episode, I liked the characters and I was laughing." The problem lies in the fact that masses of viewers probably aren't going to tune in for the first two episodes over the Christmas period - 1600 Penn could sink without trace. Though Pullman is the big draw, it's the performance of Josh Gad as the First Lady's stepson that appears to be winning all the plaudits. The American actor was lauded for his role in Broadway's The Book of Mormon and seems to be a natural when it comes to comedic timing. 

The Hollywood Reporter disagreed that it takes 1600 Penn three episodes to find its feet, saying, "By the second episode, 1600 Penn neatly has found its compass on how to be a show about the first family and how to define the ensemble." The San Francisco Chronicle almost avoided the predictable comparison to Armando Iannucci's Veep, saying, "1600 Penn may not be as sophisticated as the hysterical HBO series 'Veep,' but it's still pretty funny when all the cylinders are firing." The Boston Globe offered a similar review of the show, saying, "Then the second episode, and then the third, come along, and 1600 Penn evolves into a surprisingly likable single-camera comedy."

Continue reading: 1600 Penn Premiere: You're Not Going To Laugh Very Much

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Trailer

Sid, Manny and Diego are doing a good job so far of surviving the Ice Age but now a new danger is threatening to finish them off - continental drift. The three heroes are now living on a small iceberg in the middle of the ocean and they are determined to find the rest of the herd, while trying to work out how it all happened. Unbeknownst to them, the cause of the problem leads back to Scrat and yet another attempt at rescuing his precious nut.

Continue: Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Trailer

Love And Other Drugs Trailer

Jamie is the kind of guy who doesn't like commitment, sex and fun are the main things he looks for from the opposite sex and he enjoys his current way of life. A pharmaceutical salesman by trade, his job is another hugely important part of his life, when his company begin to sell a new male performance enhancing drug on the market, he feel it's a brilliant way of making money.

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